Thursday, July 10, 2008

Good Enough Is The Buying Trend---Don't Be One Of The Suppliers

So much these days is "good enough" for the buying public. Oh, that's good enough for me - it's not the best, but it IS good enough. This photographer/that photographer/ the guy down the street/ the lady next door/ the friend of the friend... they are good enough to shoot my wedding, we don't need to spend more money on a more expensive photographer.

OK, let me ask you, "Is that the type of client you want? Do you want to be the "good enough" photographer. Too many consumers are really looking for "good enough" these days. The best is not really on their radar. What the potential client needs to be educated about is that just "good enough" purchasing in not necessarily "best value" purchasing.

many photographers supplying the "good enough" wedding photography, sure it brings in some "beer money bucks", but folks, I have to tell you this is NO way to make a living. Do you really want to be a "good enough" photographer or do you want to aspire to something greater?

I remember
one of my grade school teachers taught in me years ago - "Always aim for the stars!" Just remember......average or being just good enough equates to you becoming the worst of the best and the best of the worst! Don't ever settle for being just good enough! Somerset Maugham said it best, "If you refuse to settle for anything but the best, you very often get it."
End of Rant #17.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. We have a big day today talking about sales and marketing and how to increase your bottom line. The class is fired up and so am I so I'll see everyone bright and early tomorrow. -David

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  1. i agree with you, David. The idea of being good enough is not good enough. i was taught the phrase "reach beyond your grasp." this means that you will always be learning more and trying to be better at what you do. we all have room to grow and we all have something new to learn...we just have to be open to those opportunities.