Monday, July 14, 2008

Good Morning Monday: Digital Master Class Recap and Student Images

What a great week last week - I spent a small bit of time over the weekend sorting through the more than 3,700 images that were taken by the class, my assistant, and myself and have selected a few of my favs to share with you today. First of all thanks to Lance Burns for coming by on Saturday. His little Epson P5000 was the class repository for all the student images and he was kind enough to let me download them and pick my favs for review. That's Lance in front of one of our historic church's in downtown Cincinnati in the first image.
The class was really picking up on how cool the lighting looks with the off-camera flash. I especially like this second image of Darcy with the long shadows and the evening glow in the background. One of my big favs from all the collections is this image of Carlos on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River with Cincinnati in the background. I think it's a great portrait.

Now on to my very favorite images of the week. It seems that during one of the class's midnight outings, they happened upon one of the local residents in downtown Cincinnati, paid the gentleman an appropriate modeling fee, and got these two outstanding images. I tweaked them a bit in Lightroom, but I think these are two very strong images of this gentleman made even more striking with the time of night, direction of lighting, and expression. Way to go gang!!

You know, it was great for me to see the class take the initiative to just go out and shoot on their own and see just what they could come up with. Their sharing and collaboration made it a richer experience for everyone involved. For our Fall Digital Master Class, I'm planning to change it up with a bit more shooting opportunities with a possible evening session thrown in too. I'll keep you posted as to how the new format evolves. Hey, if you are interested in joining us in September, give LaDawn, Jennifer, or Sharon a call for more info and to reserve your space. We are 1/3 booked already and the Fall session books quickly. Hope to see you there.

Enjoy the Animoto show below which recaps the great time we had last week. My heartfelt thanks to the entire class for making it a truly terrific week.


  1. Hi David,
    Great photos! Great mood, composition, colors etc. I wonder if you can show us (on future video) how you have post-processed them.

    Next two topics I would like to ask you for explanation are:
    - as far as I know you use Quantum off camera flash so I wonder what output power of light you used for lightning images in this article (full power, 1/2 etc.)
    - what is a difference (in EV stops) between real exposure (measured by camera) and used in off-flash photos (in article) to achieve such great mood

    Thank you!

  2. It looks like it was an awesome class. I will have to look into attending one of your future classes. Thanks for the posts!

    Also, thanks for sharing the info about Animoto. It looks like a really cool product and I think you sold me on it.

  3. Awesome Video! Awesome Class. I had so much fun at the Digital Master Class last week. I met so many cool people and I miss everyone already! Thanks David!