Monday, July 14, 2008

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

What else can I say - Thank You for the support we get from my Vendor Buddies and the nearly $2000 in door prizes we gave away last week. WOW it sure adds to the excitement and is a real kick for the class. I said it during the class, and I'll say it again - I love recommending these products and services from the vendors that support the class. These are the same vendors that I use in my own business and have helped me become successful in this profession over the years. My relationship with many of them spans several years. I am always happy to recommend and promote the best of the best.

My thanks to:

WPPI - an association I have been part of since I started my business 30 years ago. This convention is a must. Thanks for the 2 WPPI registrations for the 2009 convention.

LumaPix:FotoFusion - The absolute fastest and best album and project design software on the planet earth

Zookbinders - makers of the best wedding albums on the planet.

Delkin - They continue to develop products that make our lives easier in our digital world.

NIK Software - Their newly introduced Viveza software along with all their other products are revolutionizing our work flow.

Canon Cameras - And especially Mary Mannix, our Canon rep who always let's be borrow the lens, radio transmitters, and what ever else I need for the week to enrich the shooting experience.

Marathon Press - Their marketing seminars and supporting products are second to none.

Datacolor - Makes of Spyder3 Pro, my monitor calibration tool of choice - accurate, fast, and easy to use.

Triple Scoop Music - No one does it better than Triple Scoop when it comes to reasonably priced royalty free music - look for the Ziser collection soon.

NAPP - Where else would you go to learn Photoshop, Lightroom, or anything Adobe. Another must attend convention! Their new Kelby Training division is the go to place for "all you can eat" Photoshop, Lightroom, Photography, and more.

Lexjet - My only source for all things ink jet - a great company with great advice and support.

B&H - Some of the best prices anywhere for anything photographic - a special thanks to Steve Schwartz from B&H for dropping by this week too.

Tallyn's Professional - I've know Scott for over 20 years and Scott knows his stuff. He has about the best prices on data recovery and offers a full line of products and services to the professional photographer.

ExpoImaging - Eric knocked digital white balance on it's ear with his introduction of the Expo-disc. It's now the standard easy way to get to perfect color.

Neil Enterprises - Still my favorite choice for self-stick albums, CD and DVD covers and other promotional products that let me promote the heck out of my business.

Neschen Americas - Their coating machine for ink jet prints is the de-facto standard. Nobody has a better, easier solution.

Alan Galleries - Their image boxes and frames are some of the best values anywhere.

Jainco Tech - Making it easier than ever to get to your digital images just right for viewing and printing.

And finally a great big THANK YOU to LaDawn, Jennifer, and Sharon who spend untold hours planning and in preparation to pull it all together so that the Master Class week is a wonderful experience for everyone who attends.

Thanks again Everybody, David

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  1. B&H - Some of the best prices anywhere for anything photographic - a special thanks to Steve Schwartz from B&H for dropping by this week too.

    Thank you. We all appreciate your kind words.

    Henry Posner

    B&H Photo-Video