Friday, July 18, 2008

Fabulous Inspiration Friday

Good Afternoon Everybody,
LaDawn and I are sitting in the airport in Louisville, Kentucky waiting to head out to Baltimore, Maryland for the week. We both met Barbara Ellison at the Canon booth at the Professional Photographers of America's Tampa convention in January of this year and she was showing some amazing fine art pieces printed on Canon's line of ink-jet printers. Here is the DigitalProTalk link to the post right here.

What was extremely interesting to me was not only the beautiul images but the mediums she was using - it ranged from hand made papers to metals. The results were stunning! Be sure to check out her portfolio right here - it will be your first dose of inspiration for the day. Well, in talking with her about the amazing images she had displayed we discovered that Barbara holds workshops on the subject so we are heading to Baltimore for one of her classes. Mary Mannix, my favorite Canon rep , is also joining us. We are really looking forward to a little time off after such a killer week around here. I have a few other stops planned for our week-long itinerary so I'll keep you posted as the week proceeds - should be a good read.

And speaking of inspirational images, sends me their weekly email and it is always filled with a fascinating story or two. This time they had a story entitled, "Photos to Inspire" by Bea Friedli. Many of her images were truly works of art both in the imagery and the presentation. It is definitely worth a look. I featured one of her images earlier in this week's post.

On the wedding side of things, check out It's a pretty cool site featuring some great images and some good ideas available. What I liked best about her site design was the Meet Scarlett section. I thought is was a great way for her to introduce herself to her potential clients. It's not just a simple bio of ones self or a "read this page about me." She mixes it up the page with great images of herself enjoying being Scarlett. It's personal. Here is her link to her "About Scarlett" page.

The imagery in reminiscent of their wedding images and sends a message to the potential client, I like this person, she looks fun loving, I think I would like her to photograph my wedding. This is one of the best "quick client connects" I have seen in a blog. For too many photographers it is only about the presentation of images. Scarlett quickly and efficiently introduces herself as well. It's very well done!

Lastly, I offer this next link for your consideration. Not all bride's are are a perfect size 6 or 4 or 2, with gorgeous golden locks and killer baby blue eyes - a Miss America type. And of course, the same can be said for grooms as well. It really bothers me when I hear comments from photographers about the size, shape, look of their clients. They were too heavy, they couldn't smile right - the litany of put downs/insults can go on and on.

I remember hearing one of my favorite instructors, and one of the top photographers of his time - Rocky Gunn - tell a story about a client that had some pretty serious medical issues. But Rocky knew it was his responsibility to get the shots. It was how he used the light, how he favored her best side, best features, how he brought out her real self in the images that impressed me. That was back in 1980, and thankfully, his words and thoughts have stayed with me even today.

It's our job to get the best image we possibly can for our clients - no matter what - and do it without complaint or compromise! We are professionals - it's our job! So the next time your bride is a bit overweight or the groom is a bit dorky, or the venue is a simple basement instead of a gorgeous Country Club, or it rained all day on your outdoor wedding.... Remember only one thing - it's your job to get the best, most flattering images of the couple and for the couple. The love, excitement of the day, the spontaneity, their special relationship with each other , friends and family still needs to shine through in your images.

Let me point you towards a Fred Miranda forum post right here that speaks directly to that point. Fred Miranda's site is a classic and definitely worth the visit. I thank Don Johnson, one of our readers for the link. It's a photographer's story about how he faced the challenge of photographing a couple, the bride a bit physically challenged, but pulled it off with à plume. It's a great story - be sure to read the comments too. Keep this story as a constant reference as what we are all about when photographing the most important day of a couple's wonderful celebration.

Hey everybody, that's it for me today. We are off to Baltimore in minutes. I'll see you on the other side of the weekend in the state of "Strong deeds and gentle words" come Monday. And, remember one thing - Pixels love crab cakes too! See everybody on Monday - David.


  1. you are such an inspiration. plain and simple. thanks.

  2. David, the link to the Fred Miranda discussion is bad -- you may have copied a shortcut without the URL or something.

  3. David,

    Just a note to thank you for all the inspiration you have provided us every day. It's not unnoticed that you put a lot of time into your blog, taking time away from your "day job".

    I'm a big fan of your work, both photographic and written.


  4. Davis,
    Good to hear the last Master's class went as well as it did. No surprise really; I enjoyed mine a year ago. Best class I have attended to date by a long shot.
    Great post! I did see the Fredmiranda thread a week or so ago and I was touched by what that photographer did.

    You are correct in so many ways with this. I have fallen in this pit a couple of times, but I am greatful for this reminder and the Fredmiranda article. We are to bring the best of our clients; no matter what the circumstances.
    Carlos C.

  5. David,

    Thanks so much for this blog and all you do... Having recently found your site (couple of months now) I have come to look forward to my visits here...

    To join your bandwagon... I really find that there are no "ugly" brides (or grooms)... especially when you look into the heart of the moment...

    PS... as a former Marylander... have an extra crab cake for me! I miss them....

    Take care,


  6. Hi David,

    This is Don, and just to be sure, the FM story and photos are not by me! It is a great bit of work and a great story, but credit should go where it is due, and frankly, I'm not that good yet.

    Readers should be happy to know that David checks his email! Have a wonderful, blessed week, and thanks again for the inspiration and knowledge sharing.

    Don J.

  7. Wow, what a treat to discover your mention of me on your blog. Thanks for the shout out!!