Monday, July 28, 2008

Good Morning Monday - Cheaper, Faster, Better & Drobo 2.0

Good Morning Everyone,
Well, I'm back in town and ready to go for the week. How about let's starting with one red hot item. So have you heard - the Nikon D700 is shipping along with the SB900 flash - WOW! That was fast, Mr. Nikon. I have to say, this looks like the camera to beat these days. Luminous Landscape called it 95% of the D3 at $2000 less! Check out their review right here. Come on Canon - time to retire that old workhorse, the 5D, and comeback smokin' with the new model. (Don't you love being a photographer these days - it only gets cheaper, faster, better for us. I luvvvvv digital!

And speaking of gear, have you heard? Drobo has just released Drobo 2.0. It's reported to be 2x faster than the original Drobo that was getting all the Internet raves a while back. I almost bought one, but after seeing the slow read/right speeds, I decided to hold off. The specs on the new drive look MUCH better than version 1.0. Check out the entire story over at - here is the direct link right here.

I'll be picking one of theses puppy's up just to check it out. I've been building a data base of some of the drives available these last several months. So after getting the Drobo 2.0 numbers, I'm excited and eager to try it out first hand. I'll give you the entire low-down as my research develops.

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  1. The Drobo is amazing, I had a BAD computer crash the other day and with having 4TB on my Drobo I was able get get up and running with out ever lossing anything. I love my DROBO