Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"At The Museum"

"At The Museum"
© David A. Ziser

The Cincinnati Art Museum is a favorite venue for brides and grooms to select for their weddings. The dramatics of the back staircase and the elegance of the setting sure add dynamics as well as dramatics to any wedding image made in that space. This image was made about an hour before the ceremony before the space was set for the ceremony. It was full of chairs moments later. Camera specs; Canon 30D fitted with Sigma 8mm Fisheye, F4.0 @ 1/40 second, ISO 800. Backlighting was supplied by my radio controlled Quantum strobe. The high vantage point was achieved by my placing the camera on a monopod, setting the self timer, and lifting the camera and monopod over my head till the shutter fired. The client especially loved this image. Enjoy! -David


  1. That's a beautiful shot David.

    How many outtakes were they? :)
    How did you get it to be straight/horizontal like that? (Did you have to rotate/crop in Photoshop?).

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just signed up for your photo walk.
    Very excited!
    I was bummed when I saw my home town filled up, until I realized I could Shoot with you!!! WooHoo.

    Thanks for hosting.

  3. David,
    I came across your blog via Scott Kelbys blog and have been reading for the past couple of months or so now. Although I have no interest as such in wedding photography (being married 30 yrs this last July and with two girls of the age you'd imagine I should be) I'm finding your wedding/lighting articles very interesting particularly from a lighting perspective and, after watching some of your video tutorials, feel that I've learned such a lot from you. My main interest is landscape but I'm saving for a flash that I can fire remotely, that's how much you've got to me so to speak! I look forward to seeing your superb wedding shots, it's easy to appreciate the work of someone at the top of their game even if it isn't your main interest. If you ever come over to the UK to talk or teach I'd love to come along to listen to you and even buy you a decent beer!
    Keep up the good work and thanks again.
    Phil Walker.

  4. what a beautiful image!!!!

    love all the info on your blog!!!!