Monday, July 21, 2008

One Hot One From The Road - NIK Silver Efex Pro Overview

Are you a B&W fan from the good ol' film days and just aren't happy with the state of affairs in digital black and white? Well then, you have to check out Jeff Revell's extremely thorough, enlightening, exciting, eye-opening tutorial on NIK's brand new Silver Efex Pro B&W plug-in for Photoshop right here. It's about 17 minutes long and worth the watch if you are into B&W.

I watched it for 5 minutes, loved what I saw and watched the next segment, got sucked into the next feature, and just stayed aboard for the whole show. NIK's Silver Efex Pro seems to me to be an astonishing piece of software for the B&W devotee of the art. With this newest product from NIK you can get some great results very easily.
For the film lover they have built all the film profiles into a series of filters that let you just click on the film type you want for your image. Watch Jeff's NIK Silver Efex Pro video it's definitely worth the peek. Hey, don't forget, you can also download the 15 day trial right here too.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. We are off to our workshop with Barbara. Tomorrow look for a really, really good Technique Tuesday episode. I'll do a quick recap on today's class too. See you tomorrow, -David.

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