Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Technique Tuesday: Lightroom 2.0 - Rocket Fuel For Your Workflow - The Absolute Coolest New Features!!!

Good Morning Everybody,
Boy, am I fired up today. I started the tutorial for today's post late last evening. As luck would have it, that didn't seem to be in stars for completion. So, I decided to postpone completing my Lightroom tutorial until this morning.

Well, that was the luckiest thing that could have happened, because when I fired up my Lightroom 2 Beta - guess what happened? The clouds opened, the sun shown through, there it was, the notice on my screen that Lightroom 2.0 was released overnight!! First thing I did was download that brand new program, installed it, and moved through many of the new features simply awestruck with their power, their glory, their digital magic. OK, maybe I am carried away a bit, but it was early this morning and maybe I was easily impressed.

After working with some of my favorite features I loved in the Beta, I saw that they were greatly enhanced in Lightroom 2.0. I decided that my early morning reactions were reinforced even more as I dug deeper into the program. The tutorial I had planned to complete last night for today would have been a mere shell compared to what I was able to put together this morning with the final release of Lightroom 2.0.

I would call it one of those software "magic bullets" that truly adds rocket fuel to our workflow. If you are new to Lightroom or a seasoned Lightroom user - download Lightroom 2.0 right now, fasten your seat belts, and hang on for the digital ride of your life. Watch the tutorial below which showcases my favorite new Lightroom 2.0 features, and see if you don't agree. Hit the PLAY button and prepare to be amazed!!! Enjoy! -David


  1. Really great tutorial - thanks David. It looks full of useful features. Best get saving.....

  2. Nice David, the new features look great.

    I've been using the beta since it came out, and am looking forward to getting into the full rev.

    I for one and really excited about how I can push the limits of presets with V2.


  3. Good work David! That was a nice piece of helpful information!

    Thank you very much!