Monday, July 07, 2008

My Digital Master Class Kicks Off Today

Good Morning Everybody,
Today we kick off my summer Master Class and literally have people attending from around the world with one of our attendees coming all the way from New Zealand. I've been to New Zealand myself lecturing many times and love the country. They say New Zealand has all the geography of the USA all wrapped up into a country the size of Colorado. It is truly an amazing place to visit. We also have a few attendees from Colorado as well as Virginia, California, Georgia, Utah, Tennessee, Alberta Canada, Missouri just to name a few of the locations.This week, we are going to show everyone some good old Kentucky hospitality and educate the class as to why Kentucky is truly the center of the universe ;~)

This week's postings will be class centric and informative. Check this out, Kevin King, the genius inventor of the very hot selling and now famous "Radio Poppers" sent me a few to use during the class. I'll give you the scoop later this week and pop a few images up, too. Tamron also sent me their fairly new, get this, Tamron 28-300mm VC (vibration compensation) lens to play with. I've seen this lens at various trade shows this year and it's image stabilization capabilities really intrigue me. I'll keep you posted on that one too. Eric, over at ExpoImaging sent me his new Ray Flash ring-light flash attachment to use during the class also. Lots of new toys to play with thru out the week. Stay tune for further updates.

Hey gang, there's lots more too, so I'll just keep you posted as the week progresses. It's going to be a kick.


  1. Hello David,

    Anyone attending David's workshop will be amazed what you will learn.

    I attended last year. David and his wife made our time both personal and magnificently taught.

    I even "borrowed" his viddler. My first attempt to have video in my blog.

    You guys have a great week in my home state. You will have some down home Kentucky Ziser hospitality.

    Ken in Lexington

  2. Yup, the learning and the hospitality kicked in from the first minute of class this morning. I can see its going to be truly a week to remember and well worth the effort to get here. I'm the guy from New Zealand!
    Grant from Wellington

  3. What a great first day!!
    I am learning so much and yet, have so many more questions––I'll try to stagger them throughout the day a bit more. ")
    You and LaDawn and the crew are great! Thanks for your boundless energy, gracious hospitality, and so many answers!
    I will dreaming about off camera flash tonight!
    Hasta mañana!


  4. I am also interested in the Ray Flash and how you would use it.