Friday, February 05, 2010

"The Whisper Of Your Smile"

The Whisper Of Your Smile

"The Whisper Of Your Smile"
©David A. Ziser

This beautiful young lady was the subject of my post on Monday.  Here is another image from that shoot. The image was made by available light only.  The couple were seated under a veranda that opened out onto the family's back yard.  The light was soft and gentle on the both of them. I simply asked them to just get close to each other and whisper their feelings to each other.  It worked.  I rotated around them getting a great series of images for their album.  Sometimes the easiest way to shoot is the best. Camera specs; Nikon D1x fitted with 80-200mm non-VR lens at 155mm, F 3.5 @ 1/500 second, ISO 800. Enjoy!  -David


  1. NIKON---NIKON---I guess that next thing you will say is you edit on a PC and sometimes shoot in the 'P" mode!!!!

    Hey, whatever it takes!

    Thanks for your posts, David!

  2. Dear Dave,
    I first came across your work via Strobist (the sync-speed tip to darken an area of the frame), and then a year later via PhotoshopuserTV. I absolutely love your posts and tutorials! Thank you so much for doing everything that you do!
    I am curious though, coming from a landscape background where lower ISO's are drilled in my head, why you seem to go with ISO 800 so often? I understand in some circumstances where you might want to expose for the background of an interior. But most of the time when I shoot at higher ISOs I get a little noise in the shadows.
    I'd love to see a post where maybe you compare some images taken at a lower ISO versus what seems to be your MO.
    Thanks so much! All the best! Take care.

  3. Nathan: I'm assuming he is at 800 ISO because of the natural light...he could have gone down to ISO 400 and have a slower shutter speed, but I don't stop and fix my settings for every single shot (that would be ideal but time consuming). Nothing wrong with high ISO, as long as you've got a good noise handling camera and good software to fix it :)

    As for me, I'd love to see more photos with more noise...basically when grain is a desired effect in a photo?

    Since we are talking about what we'd like to see and requests...I got one interesting request below! :)

    One tutorial that I would really like to see that I have yet to find anywhere is a photo of Fireworks and the Bride/Groom watching them...I'd be interested to see what it takes to make such a photo happen. I found loads and loads of tutorials on "fireworks" but what if you mix in a subject/object that you want in the photo as well that is significantly closer to you then the fireworks? I haven't been lucky finding tutorials mixing both subject and fireworks together. I'd think a wide angle lens would be good for this but what about a zoom lens where you can compress that background of fireworks... I'm ANXIOUS to try this out but no fireworks yet! :) Obviously more gear is requires such as a tripod, flash (preferably off camera), wireless triggers, etc...

    David, I'd love a tutorial as such, but I understand if it's too time consuming or what not, ..just a little something to think about :)

    Thanks again for all you do for us!!

    I LOVE your blog!

  4. Bravo! David, I'm following your blog as a recomendation of Scott Kelby's book and I'm really enjoying myself here. Your blog is an endless source of learning and inspiration for photographers all over the world. I'm from Soulth America, Brazil and I'm starting to enter this DSLR photography world, I just bought a Canon 50d, the best peace of my money can buy and I'm really excited. Thanks for sharing all the knoledge that makes you the great photographer you are!