Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Technique Tuesday: Cool Banners Made Easy - Part 2

Good Morning Everybody,

French Quarter Yesterday we took a long stroll through the French Quarter - always a great place for photography, enjoyed some Cajun cuisine for lunch, and finished with a refreshment on one of the restaurant balconies at Toulouse and Chartres.  I've always wanted to see what the view was like from one of those many balconies I've seen in the Quarter.

You know, while walking through New Orleans these last few days, every day has looked like  game day and so too today - EVERYBODY is wearing the "black and gold."  Way to go "Who Dat" country, you have the entire country behind you.

In just about an hour we are hooking up with friends at the famous Cafe Du Monde for beignets and coffee.  Later in the afternoon we plan to watch the Saints victory parade along with several thousand other fans.  That will wrap our whirlwind trip to New Orleans and then it's back to a snow covered Northern Kentucky tomorrow.  It's been a "blast"!

Hey gang, before we head out today, I want to get today's Technique Tuesday up "on the air." 

Cool Banners Made Easy – Part 2

Last week's post took you through the first part of how I produced those 8 giant sized banners for an event I photographed recently.  Here is that link again right here.

It was a cool project so today I want to walk you through the final steps of the process. 

Today's tutorial will show you how I used readily available materials we picked up at a Lowe's to create the header and footer bars for the banners and how I attached them to the banners.

The assembly was easy, inexpensive, and efficient.  It shows how easy the entire project was to put together.  My intent is to show you that even though these large banners are impressive event decor, it's not "brain surgery" to put them together and they offer lots of marketing and promotional possibilities for your studio. 

These banners can be an impressive product and service you could offer your clients, used for dramatic studio promotional pieces,  or even become the beginning of exciting new product offerings for your studio.  Hit the PLAY button below and enjoy the show.


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Hey everybody, that's it for me today. We have one more day in "Who Dat" country and plan on soaking up a lot of its excitement before we head back tomorrow.

I'll plan to see everybody back in the frozen snow covered north tomorrow. 

Have a great one and I'll see you then,  -David

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  1. This is a great idea for a wedding reception if you have done the engagement shoot with the couple, I am sure they would jump at the chance of displaying those images on the banner at the wedding, and we get free advertising with our name on. They cost about £25-30 in the UK.