Monday, February 22, 2010

Quick Hit Monday: Upcoming Webcasts/Podcasts; Get Educated; Inspirational Web Sites; And Specials

Good Morning Everybody,

Shipping Book We shipped out over 550 copies of my new wedding book last week. We have about 30 more copies to ship today. So first of all, many of you have waited several months for the book release. I want to say THANKS for your patience as I didn’t expect the process to take so long. Secondly, I want to THANK so many of you who have taken the time to drop me an email or post on Facebook with your very kind remarks about my book. THANKS a bunch it’s all very exciting!!

It’s shaping up to be a busy week at the studio. I'm polishing up my FREE LIVE "Captured By The Light" Web-Cast for next Wednesday [link], looking forward to tomorrow's LIVE Web-Cast  at LensFlare35 [link], and trying to get get our new Canon wide carriage image PROGRAF 8100 inkjet printer installed.

Anyway, let's get right to today's Quick Hit Monday

Catch Me On The Net

Lens Flare35 As I mentioned above, I'm doing a LIVE" web-cast  at LensFlare35 on Tuesday. I'm honored to be one of three special guests. The topic: HD DSLR’s, Fusion, Convergence, Video & Filmmaking. We expect about 400 people to be signed on so I hope you can be there.  Since it's "LIVE", you will be able to call in or Tweet you questions to the panel and we will get to as many as we can.  It should be fun. To join in on the fun here is the link right here.

Camera DoJo Later in the week I'm doing a podcast with Kerry Garrison at Camera Dojo [link].  If you haven't visited Camera Dojo, you must make the visit.  Kerry has been adding great content over these last several months, Camera Dojo is fast becoming one of those sites you’ll want to visit often. I'll let you know when the interview goes live.

And lastly, Gavin Seim over at Pro Photography Show has just posted his latest podcast in which I was excited to be part of.  You can get program and download info right here.

Go Get Educated – Great Seminars Coming Up

I have to say, there are some fantastic learning opportunities coming your way.  Here are two of them I would highly recommend - why, because I've attended both in the past. Here is my quick list:

Marathon Marketing Workshops [link]:

Marathon Marketing "Make Money Now" Workshops [link] are coming to a city near you - San Antonio, Las Vegas, and Atlanta. LaDawn and I have attended Marathon's workshops and  I left with pages of notes and notes and notes.  The price is reasonable and worth every penny. One More Time - here is the link right here.

Walden's University [link]:

Bev and Tim Walden have been friends of ours for over 25 years.  They are two of the nicest and most talented photographers shooting and teaching today.  LaDawn and I had the opportunity to sit in on Walden U a few years ago, and it was one of the best learning experiences we had. 

Walden's U

For Bev and Tim, it's more than just the photography, although still covered extensively in their class, it's a lot about building relationships with their clientele.  I remember sitting in their class thinking, "These guys are some of the smartest marketers in the business."  Please check them out right here.

Way Cool Photography & Way Cool Blogs

I love finding nuggets of gold in the blogsphere.  That happened last week a few times.  I received my regular LexJet InFocus eNewsletter [link]. Go sign up it you don't receive it, it's free and always filled with a surprise or two.

Sam Gray's Site: [link]

This time around they featured the wonderful work of my good friend Sam Grey [link] from Raleigh, North Carolina. Sam and I have known each over for many years and he has always been one of my favorite, most talented portrait photographers shooting these days. Sam Grey Sam's work is simply breathtaking.  Visit his site right here - a visual feast . See if you don't agree with me.  In today's age of "soccer mom and dads" photography, Sam's work is miles high over the competition.

Jasmine Starr's Site: [link]

Had some fun over at Sam's site, now let me point you too one of the most creatively designed wedding blog sites I ever seen.  It's by Jasmine Starr, another very creative and talented photographers working today. The concept (the best I've seen), the layout, the imagery, everything about her site blew me away.  What do you think? Here is the link.

Best Of Wedding Photography Site: [link]

Best Of WP I have mentioned that I was involved in a project looking for the  best wedding photography on the web.  Well, now I can come clean with the site I'm involved with.  “We seek out photographers who are on the move. We offer the most forward thinking photographers a place to hang, network and be discovered by contemporary brides with an eye for art," says David Beckstead, BOWP Review Board Member.

The press release right here explains all the details of the site - pretty cool concept.  Head over to the BOWP site right here and enjoy the "browse."  Just hit the drop down menu, select a city, and enjoy the photography - pretty cool, and inspiring!

Grab The Specials Here [link]:

Zookbinders BlogOne of my favorite bookbinders/album companies over the last 15 years has been Zookbinders.  They do the best job of assembling the most beautiful hand crafted leather albums anywhere and have always been my top choice for my clients.

So where am I going with this? Well, Zookbinder’s has a great blog for wedding photographers that is worth a look. Here is the link right here.  Their content includes some great marketing and album design tips.  Head on over and get caught up on some great articles.

Now for the DEAL. Zookbinders is 15 years old and wants to spread the word about their birthday celebration.  Just follow them at and retweet this message and you will save 30% on all Photobook Plus purchases through February 28, 2010! 

Here is the entire story right here. Check it out!


Whew! What a post today - I hope my fingers last the week ;~)  Anyway folks I'm out of here today.  Since putting the "Tweet" button with the posts my thanks for all the re-tweets of the articles and helping spread the word about DigitalProTalk.

I'll see everyone back here bright and early for another exciting episode of Technique Tuesday.

See ya' tomorrow,  -David

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