Monday, February 15, 2010

Quick Hit Monday: DPT Blog Enhancements; Syl's New Book LIDLIPS; Crash's New WOW!!! Site; and More

Good Morning Everybody,

DAZ Signing books It's been quite the weekend.  I signed 500 copies of my "Captured By The Light" wedding book and my writing hand still works. I've been receiving some very nice comments on the new book too.  Thanks a bunch!

If you noticed, the count for my Free webinar, noted on top right of DPT is already well over 250 attendees in only 5 days!!! I hope we have enough room for everyone who wants to attend ;~)

We are planning to give away 6 DOOR PRIZES on the air - 3 copies of my book [link] while on the air.  I'm also kicking in 3 copies of my new "Digital WakeUp Call" 4-DVD Set [link] which will be available by the time the webinar airs.

A few of you won't be able to make it because of scheduling issues.  We are working on details to make it available after that date. We are still in the planning stage on that one so stay tuned.

Hey gang, we've got lots of projects (and snow) going on today so let's get right to it.

Digital ProTalk Blog - Major Enhancements

Architecture project I spent a good part of the weekend tweaking things here at Digital ProTalk.  Notice the brand new TITLE BAR at the top of the blog. 

I've added 9 new pages of content to make DigitalProTalk an even more valuable resource for our readers. The links are pretty self explanatory so why don't you give them a "cruise" and tell me what you think.

I also added the “ReTweet” button to each post for your convenience so I hope you will spread the world about the good things happening on DigitalProTalk.

One more thing, notice the right column of DPT. See the weekly video tutorial.  I'm planning to keep each video on the front page of DPT till the next week's video goes up.  That should make it easier for you to find if you miss a few days of reading. Anyway, I hope it's an added convenience for you.

Syl's New Book – LIDLIPS – Good Read

LIDLIPS Fellow blogging buddy -, great photographer, and now author, Syl Arena has just released his new book entitled, "LIDLIPS - Lessons I Didn't Learn In Photo School." [link]  I have to tell you, I am really enjoying Syl's book.

Think of it as a "Devotional-a-Day" book for photographers. This book isn't about lighting or technique.  It's about how you think about photography, how it intertwines with your life, how it excites your passion.

Each thought is presented in a brief concise fashion and I think should be enjoyed one-spoonful-at-a-time, just like a delicious dessert.  Way to go Syl, great job!!

Kick Your Creativity Into High Gear - Books By David duChemin

Visionmongers I had the honor of meeting David duChemin at Photoshop World last year.  I had just finished my presentation at the Peachpit Theater and David duChemin was following my time slot.  We said a brief hello to each other and that seemed to be that.

Well now, it seems, everywhere I look, I see David's name popping up.  Recently Chris Ward posted a review on David's new book, "Visionmongers, Making a Life and a Living in Photography" published by Peachpit.  Here is the link to the review right here - it's a nice read.

Well, David also has a great set of downloadable eBooks available at right here.  The cost of the books is next to nothing – something like $5 - and all the proceeds go to help support David's humanitarian initiatives.

I had the opportunity to download and read many of David's eBooks.  It would be foolish to say that they are worth every penny because they only cost pennies. These eBooks are about the best priced resource out there for exploring your passion and creativity in this wonderful profession.  You've got to check them out.

Hey, don't forget to check out David's blog too - tons of good stuff right here.

WOW! What An Inspirational Photography Site

Crash Taylor's new site just "blew me away."  Crash, as you know publishes a weekly interview with wedding photographers working worldwide. Here is the link to Crash's interviews right here.

Crash Still Image Well, a few weeks ago I get an email from Crash about this new site he's putting together and he asks me to take a look.  I hit the link, and that's when it happened - my jaw dropped and hit the top of my desk - OK, I'm exaggerating just a bit here, but the truth is this.  This site entitled, "The Still Image With Crash Taylor" [link] is one of the most beautiful collection of images I have ever seen. 

The site is more than weddings. It encompasses many styles and disciplines with the photography profession.  Just check out this image by photographer Joel Grimes and his website and you'll get an idea what I mean. Each image is a visual feast for the creative eye.  But not only that, you also get the entire back-story and equipment list for each shot!  Be sure to check back with the Still Image often for a wonderful helping of creativity and inspiration!!! Well worth the visit . GREAT job Crash!!! 


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  I've got real work to get completed and I've got to get moving.  Why don't you plan to check out the new features of DigitalProTalk and tell me what you think. Also, don't forget to stop back tomorrow for a brand new episode of Technique Tuesday.  Hope to see ya' then.

Adios,  -David


  1. Hey David, I think it's a good idea to keep some pages in this the top section of your blog. I'm looking forward to read more about your gear! Keep up the good work, I really like your blog.

  2. Nice updates to your site. Thanks for mentioning my review of Davids book.

    Chris Ward