Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Technique Tuesday: Test Driving All The New Features Of Viveza 2

Good Morning Everybody,

Deck View It seems no part of the country has been exempt from snow this year.  We just got hit with 9 inches or more of the white stuff all day yesterday with about 2 more inches expected today.  This is a view out our back door to our deck. I love the snow so LaDawn and I are planning a snow photo walk later today. Now where are those boots?  ;~)

Test Driving All The New Features Of Viveza 2

Hey gang, I'm really fired up today.  I just received my brand new copy of Viveza 2, loaded it up on the computer, and ran it through it's paces.  Wow!!! Is this a cool piece of software or what?  I love it.  It's easy, intuitive, and fun to use.

Viveza 2I know, lots of folks are going to be wondering what’s new in Viveza 2 - here is the quick list:

  • Global adjustments - All the adjustments that were previously available in Viveza 1 are now available in the new interface and give the user the ability to apply them globally.

  • "Structure" adjustment slider - this slider brings a brand new tool to the table that lets you adjust localized contrasts.  You might think its like Lightroom's "Clarity" slider but it is different enough to warrant a look.  I like the effect if gives to the images.

  • Viveza2a "Shadow" adjustment slider. I know what you're thinking, "Lightroom already has a "Shadow" adjustment."  You're right but now you can apply the adjustment locally with Viveza 2 - a great feature.

  • You can now group and ungroup the "U-Points" you've placed in your image so making an adjustment to one of them controls all the others you've grouped with it.  This is very handy particularly if you've duplicated several across the area of your image and need to tweak all of them just a bit for your final result.  This new feature speeds up the process for you.

  • Curves adjustments now available, too.

  • Works in Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom®, and Apple® Aperture®

In today's tutorial, I'll run you through all the new features. OK, I have to admit, I was having a little too much fun with Viveza 2 and the tutorial runs a little long.  You just might want to view it in two sitting.  A better suggestion - skip tonight's edition of "Entertainment Tonight" and just tune in to my Viveza tutorial.  Hit the PLAY button below and enjoy the show!

What did you think - pretty cool, eh? I highly recommend NIK's new Viveza 2.  Remember, you can head over to NIK's site and download a 15 day trial [link].  It's definitely worth the test drive.

Want to read more?  NIK is featuring 6 short 1-2 minute tutorials right here. Also, check out Ron Martinsen's review right here. Read what blogging buddy, Scott Kelby has to say when he featured Viveza 2 in his Gonzo gift guide too right here.


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  We've got to shovel the walks, throw some salt, and dig out the cars.… I love winter.  See ya' tomorrow for another episode of PhotoFAVS Wednesday.

Tavvauvusi (“That's Good Bye Everybody” in Eskimo),  -David


  1. Excellent tutorial David, was not too long! Thank you.

  2. David, I have a gazebo just like yours and it has about half the snow on it! I have some bird photofraphy on my blog site where I used my D3s to video the operation from inside my house{ www.kentoneyphoto.com }. Hey that Viveza 2 is cool aint it?!!!

  3. Well as a result of watching your tutorial David I ordered a copy of Viveza 2 and it was delivered yesterday. Wow, what a powerful tool and one so easy to use. Your tutorial had me up and running as soon as I had the software installed. Thanks David.

  4. I am having trouble running Viveza 2 on CS4. I do not have Lightroom. Any ideas? My arrange documents icon is empty since I installed Viveza 2. Not sure what to do...

  5. Hi David,

    Thanks for the mention on your blog - I appreciate it!