Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Technique Tuesday: Cool Banners Made Easy – Part 1

Comments - Fotolia_9551198_Subscription_XXLGood Morning Everybody,

Wow! Yesterday's post sure stirred up the comments.  First of all thanks to all who made recommendations for backup software alternatives - I'm checking a few of them out as we speak.

Also, let me say that my remarks about iStockPhoto were based on my experience.  I've been an iStockPhoto user for over six years and like any service - I, you, we pay for - none of us like to see a price increase.  Remember gasoline at $4.00/gallon.

I can appreciate that the contributing photogs are getting paid higher commissions for their work - at least I hope that's the case with these higher prices on the images.  The bottom line for me was the fact that I try to keep DPT honest and not use copyrighted work that I don't have the right to use. Which is why I've been using iStockPhoto all these years.

I have no clue what their commission schedule is.  To me, they were offering a service at a price that worked into my "blogging budget" - about $20/month. Heck gang, it's a FREE blog you know.  Anyway, when costs doubled, the new costs were higher than my budget allowed. 

business woman and graph from moneyYou know, we should all be willing to except reasonable yearly price increases.  I just thought these increases were too much to bear for my application.  I know we could discuss the issue all day, but for me, I'm just shopping for the occasional image for my blog - no big deal.  I think iStockPhoto offers a good solution for, say a larger corporate client, but they simply are priced a bit too high for me these days. 

I still have some credits left over at iStockPhoto and have set up an account over at Fotolia and Dreamtime. I'll keep you posted as to which I prefer.  You know, change is good - no harm, no foul.

Technique Tuesday: Cool Banners Made Easy - Part 1

Max Banner 2 Well, I was really looking forward to putting this tutorial together today, but boy, has it turned into an "ugly time sucking monster" to get out the door.  I had no clue how much time this was going to take to put together and then get posted.

This happens every time I shoot more that 2-3 video clips for our Technique Tuesdays.  I thought I had finished the videos - and I had lots of them - but when reviewing the footage I discovered that I had audio problems on the last two.  All lights were green so all looked good to go.  I guess that wasn't the case so I had to do re-shoots.

Anyway, it finally came together. LaDawn and my staff are ready to "kill" me because of all the time involved so I hope you like it.

The purpose of this video is to show you how to create some really cool banners for your clients.  Sure, not all you clients are going to want banners for their events but some might - at least if you offer the option to them.

We've been doing "banner projects" for over six years and our clients love what they bring to their event.  This tutorial will walk you through Part 1 of the process.  That includes the photography and the "Photoshop" steps of the project and will show you exactly how we produce the final images for printing.

I hope you like the video, but more importantly, I hope it sparks some creative ideas for you as to how you can use banners more effectively in your own business.  Anyway, hit the PLAY button below and enjoy the show.


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  We've got a few things to wrap up around here before we board the big silver bird to New Orleans on Thursday.

Krewe Of Carrollton Oh, Jazziphoto said in yesterday's comments that it was Mardi Gras tradition that I was supposed to tell my friends which float I'm riding.  Hey, I don't know if Jazziphoto is "pulling my leg" or not on this, but I'll tell you anyway.  It's the Krewe of Carrollton. Let me hear a "Throw me something mister." and I'll send some beads your way ;~)

See ya' tomorrow everybody.  -David


  1. Why not use a green screen instead of white?

  2. Hi Gary, The last time I used green as the backgroung, I got "green" spill on the subject. I just prefer white from experience. -David

  3. So, how difficult was it to license the use of the Olympic symbol, a registered trademark of the International Olympic Committee?

  4. Hi Arved,
    My Olympic like symbol was created from scratch in Photoshop - not a problem.

  5. With all due respect, you may want to reconsider your intellectual property rights usage policies. The IOC is especially vigilant about the use, and has some rather unusual protections granted under U.S. Code. You may find this web site interesting:


    Warmest regards,
    - Arved

  6. You might want to try Stock Exchange at http://www.sxc.hu/

    It's free stock photography, and most of it comes with no strings attached - you don't even have to give a byline. Some you do though, so read the licensing for whatever image/s you choose. There's a sister Stock Exchange site that charges like iStock, but I usually find everything I need on the free site. Both are now owned by Getty Images, so I don't know how long it will stay free, but you might want to check it out. I use it in site design pretty often and just drop a message to the photo owners to let them know I used their work and where it is on the web.