Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My July Master Class Almost Full!

Because of a waiting list for the Spring Master Class we decided to add a summer session on my pretty darn popular Digital Master Class. We still have a few seats left for anybody that wants to spend a great week of eating, sleeping and breathing digital photography.

The Summer session is truly going to be an international event. We have a photographer from New Zealand who just signed up for the class. We have also have had inquires from as far away as India and South Africa - pretty cool.
For this session, I am also trying something a little different with the class. We will break into smaller groups with everybody getting a chance to shoot. Then we will review the portfolios of each group and see what we've learned and how these can even further be improved - it should be fun. Anyway, you can find all the info on the my July 7-11 Summer Master Class right here.

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