Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Technique Tuesday 03.11.08

Good Afternoon Everyone,
Well, I'm feeling pretty darn good today - pretty much recovered from the long trip home. I mentioned last week that one of the reasons we were in Mexico was to do the photography for Villa Paraiso's web site. That meant finding the right time of day, the best angles, and best vantage points.

We spent several parts of several days getting the images we wanted, but I know we got some "knock-out" stuff. Watch "Evening Blues" below to see how I put the Photoshop finishing touches to a sample image to really make it "sing." Also, check out my first impressions of the two Nikon cameras I was shooting with last week. Lastly, check out David Jay's very enjoyable video featuring his wedding style and images. Here we go gang - on with Technique Tuesday...

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  1. How do I enter the Technique Tuesday info? Can't find anything to click on.
    Thanks so very much for all the help you give the photographers of the world! Your legacy will be great.