Monday, March 10, 2008

Image Is Everything – Even In Business Cards

Looking for some cool and creative ideas for making a good first impression with your potential clients, then check out these business card designs. Hey, not all of them may be your “cup of tea” but at least they give you some “food for thought” for crafting your own cards if you don’t yet have one or are just looking to update the ones you have.

Here are three links from our friends over at AllGraphicDesign – just click on the links for the Coolest Business Cards Part 1, Coolest Business Cards Part 2, and Coolest Business Cards Part 3. Enjoy the browse – there are some good ideas for you here.

Hey gang, I’ve got to go – it was the ocean last week, it’s the snow angels this week. Have a great Monday, and if you are reading this in the blizzard stricken Midwest, I hope you get dug out by mid May :~) See ya’ --David

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