Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Sounds Of Magnificence"

Plum Street Pipe Organ

"Sounds Of Magnificence"
© David A. Ziser

I just received a call from an old acquaintance, Fritz Noack, a master pipe organ builder and restorer and owner of Noack Organ Company [link].  We worked together about five years ago on the Plum Street Köhnken organ restoration – me doing the photography and Fritz doing the restoration.

Anyway, Fritz asked me if I could go back through my archives and find an image of that magnificent pipe organ.  This is the image I sent to Fritz.  It actually appeared on the cover of the prestigious publication, International Society of Organists Journal in 2007 [link].  It was one of my favorites.

The image is photographed in the natural light of the sanctuary.  There was quite a bit of enhancement and pixel bending done in Photoshop to complete my final result. Everyone loved it.

Camera specs: Canon 5D fitted with 24-105mm IS lens at 28mm, F5.0 @ 1/20 second, ISO 800.  Enjoy! –David

p.s. You can see the original photograph by hitting the “Read More…” link below.  I think you’ll be surprised ;~)

Original un-retouched image – yep, lots of Photoshop going on here.

Original Pipe organ


  1. Today, DXO would handle this better, if you shot in raw, however what a fantastic PS job!! cudos

  2. a technique Tuesday on this will be great

  3. hey its so nice and lovely photo.. amazing photography..

  4. Would love to see how you achieved this!