Monday, September 12, 2011

Quick Hit Monday: On The Run Today!

Good Afternoon Everybody,

Hannah poster 2Sorry for the late post today – we are swamped since getting back from Photoshop World.  I spent all day yesterday and most of today designing and printing 8 - 42”x96” banners for this weekend’s upcoming Bat Mitzvah celebration.  That along with several other items on my to-do list really has me behind the “eight ball” today.

The banners came out really cool too. Actually, they were going to be the subject of an upcoming Technique Tuesday, but the way things are going today and the fact that I’m out of the office most of tomorrow and most of Wednesday with no computer access may delay things a bit. Just know I’ll do my best.

A Few Quick Updates!

Social Media WebcastHey gang, I just wanted to remind you that we still have a few seats left for our “Social Media Marketing: Do It Or Die!” webcast coming up next Thursday with SMM guru, A. J. Wood. Here is the link to all the info and to register right here.

And while we’re on the topic of webcasts, I have also asked my good friend and Adobe Certified Expert, Suzette Allen, to present a webcast for us next month.  Suzette’s webcast is going to be on October 6, 2011. So mark your calendars now and I’ll have additional information ready to post in the near future. 

While we were at Photoshop World, Suzette was gracious enough to show me a few tips and tricks that were life/time savers for the HUGE banner project I’ve been working on. She saved the day for me – literally saved the day cutting my production time to a bare minimum. You wont believe her Photoshop voodoo magic till you see it “LIVE” at our upcoming webcast.  Stay tuned, I’ll let you know as soon as we get the webcast set up – it will be a kick!

OK, it’s late but I still want to leave you with a few quick hits on this Monday afternoon.  Here we go.

Fantastic Portrait Photographer – Marco Grob

After we returned home late Saturday I was just relaxing and picked up my latest issue of Time Magazine.  In that issue was a special section featuring the 9/11 survivors.  It was a great piece but what struck me was the outstanding portrait photography that accompanied the article.

Marco Grob

Then later I was checking emails and I received some information from Hasselblad promoting their new top end camera.  I headed over to their site and low and behold, there was Marco Grob again!

Mr T

Anyway, you’ve got to check out his images right here.  Take time to enjoy them – so many of them are simply outstanding examples of some of the finest portraiture I’ve ever seen! –Enjoy!

More Photography Links Than You Can Shake A Browser At!

OK, I’m cutting my link list short today because of the late hour so I’m taking the easy way out and pointing you towards the good folks at LightStalking who have posted 55 Fantastic Photography Articles, Tutorials, Photos and Links” on all things photographic right here.  It’s a way cool collection with a TON of information. I’m still working my way thru the list.  Enjoy!

10 Tips to Improve Lightroom’s Speed and Performance Without Additional Hardware

I’m always on the lookout for speed enhancements to Lightroom and Photoshop.  This article at Digital Photography School does a good job of pointing out what can give you a performance boost with Lightroom.  You can read all about it right here.

Masking Hair – What A Pain! Not Really!

Hair Removal TechniqueAt least that’s what I thought till I watched these three tutorials on the plane while traveling home from Las Vegas on Saturday.

Each procedure is fairly different from the other.  It’s also fun to listen to each presenter. These three tutorials are fairly short and won’t be a waste of your time.  Enjoy!
1. How To Remove Background Around Lots Of Hair Photoshop from Ali Baba: [link] He even gives you a link to a practice image!

2. Cool Photoshop - Hair selection [link] A very creative approach to selecting hair.

3. Photoshop Tutorial: 3 Methods for Selecting Hair [link]  Quick and to the point.

Maybe you guys and girls are more proficient at this kind of stuff than I am, but I found these three lessons on the money for working a complex masking job like hair. 


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  It’s late and I’m out of time for the day. I’ll plan to get something up before I head out tomorrow morning. 

Have a good one and I’ll see you then,  David

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