Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Technique Tuesday: Make Any Location Your Personal Studio!

Good Morning Everybody,

Photoshop WorldWell, today begins one of our busiest week of the year – Photoshop World kicks off  with lots of pre-conference programs beginning shortly.  Fortunately my begins at noon which is allowing me to get my post up this morning ;~)

Like I said, it’s the busiest convention of the year for LaDawn and I with three programs and 6 booth presentations.  You know, I have to prepare for each one individually so there is quite a bit of work that goes into this week. Nevertheless it is still a high energy exciting week and I glad I’m part of it!

Because of the super busy schedule this week, we’ll probably defer from my normal posting schedule.  There’s so much going on in Las Vegas, I’d want to keep you filled in on the details.

One of those details is that Vincent Laforet, the guy who brought down the Canon website in 2008 with his groundbreaking DSLR Canon 5D Mark II video entitled, “Reverie” is teaching here too.    Please check out the video and the story behind the video right here

Vincent LaforetAnyway, my good friend, Jesica Bruzzi, from B&H and a friend of Vincent’s is introducing us this evening after our programs.  I’ve met Vincent over the phone a few months ago when I ask him to present at our PhotoPro Expo 2012 next year.  I was thrilled when he said yes!  I’m looking forward to meeting him this evening.

You know, so many people miss out on opportunities like this because they just don’t attend conventions like this.  Too many people think that good training takes place at home glued to their computer monitors – WRONG! 

The richness of the learning experience comes from see, hearing, and meeting the instructors in person.  That’s what makes Photoshop World such a special event.  All the learning richness is all in one place. I’m thrilled to be part of it.  And, like I always say, please come on up and say HI if you see me around the show this week.  I’ll be happy to visit with you.

Hey gang, enough of my editorializing this morning, let’s get on with today’s post.  Here we go.

Make Any Location Your Personal Studio!

You know, when you’re a photographer, many times you have to improvise to get the shot the clients wants.  In my experience that has been the case on several occasions over the years. 

It all started about 6-7 years ago when a client flew me to British Columbia to photograph her son skiing Whistler Mountain.  The theme of the Bar Mitzvah party was “Winter, Olympics, Skiing” – you get the picture.  Well, I had to get the picture too – only one problem – bad weather.  During our three day shoot, I was only able to get a few good useable images.  Thanks to Photoshop, I was able to pull it off.

Max - GoldNow fast forward a few years when that young boy’s cousin, Max,  is also having his Bar Mitzvah, and guess what – the party had a similar theme. Only this time no body was flying me anywhere to get the images.  We had to make it work right here in Cincinnati, Ohio!

Not a problem, I had a plan and it worked beautifully.  Just check out one of the banners from that party. It was taken in the rec area of his parent’s home.  Now fast forward a few more years when this young man’s sister is celebrating her Bat Mitzvah in just a few weeks.  The theme is fashion.  Once again, I had to pull off a little digital magic.

Why not hit the PLAY button below to see how I turned the client’s home into my own personal studio to get the photographs I needed.  It just works like a charm.  Enjoy!


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  My Wedding Shootout begins shortly and we’ve got to set the room and get everything organized for the day.  Check back tomorrow – I’ll give you an update of today’s session. 

Hope to see you then, David

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