Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Must See “Get In Motion” Tour Kicks Off This Sunday In Atlanta – Video For Everybody!

Good Morning Everybody,

Good news, in my little home away from home visit these last two days I did have access to the internet band was able to get pretty much done on my trusty iPad including today's post. 

We've got another super busy day with my big Bat Mitzvah event this weekend, a follow-up members only webcast with Chuck Lewis tomorrow, and finalizing my newsletter and some promo materials for my good friend, Jeff Medford's, new 39 city Get In Motion Tour kicking off this Sunday.  I'm breaking today's post into two separate sections so it will be easier for you to bookmark them if you want.  Let me first tell you about the Get In Motion tour first.

In Motion Tour Kicks Off This Sunday In Atlanta

Get In Motion LogoThis is BIG news folks and in a few minutes I'm going to tell you how you can attend this groundbreaking seminar at the BEST price anywhere - only $45!

You must use the secret code “ZISER” we registering to save the $15 right here!.

Look at what’s happened in only 3 years!

First, let me tell you the back story.  Since the introduction of onboard hi-def video on most higher DSLRS cameras introduced since 2008, many photographers have been toying with the idea of including some kind of video products into their studio offerings.  I have to admit that I was very surprised to learn that the introduction of Canon's groundbreaking Canon 5D Mark II has been three years ago next month. WOW, time flies.

ReverieMost of us were blown away with Vincent Laforet's breathtaking and haunting beautiful video "Reverie" [link] which he produced in under 72 hours showcasing the 5D's video capabilities.  The video was so popular that it CRASHED the Canon website - can you believe it?

Anyway, video enabled DSLRS soon became the rage in the film industry and have been used in the filming of everything from the opening of the 35th episode of Saturday Night Live,  the last episode of House, to a scene or two in the recent Terminator movie.

Who has been sitting on the sidelines through all of this - mostly us, the still photographers, those of us shooting weddings, portraits, high school school seniors, etc.  We have been sitting on the sidelines while the film guys have embraced the new technology enthusiastically and wholeheartedly.

The playing field is changing quickly for all of us in this industry.  We need to move forward with the new technologies or end up being left in the dust by everyone that DOES embrace these wonderful new digital possibilities.

DSLR Shooters - Now Is Our Time!

Sure, the shooting concepts are different and the software is different, but the results are truly our opportunity to differentiate ourselves from the competition.  That brings me to the must see IN MOTON TOUR kicking off this weekend in Atlanta. 

You Will Learn

Jeff Medford and fellow filmmaker Ross Hockrow will share with you 4 1/2 solid hours of information, inspiration, and technique that will make you better prepared to consider,  no even better,  to commit to including this wonderful new world of cinema as part of your photographic offerings.

Everything you need to know about filmmaking

The Get In Motion Tour is a Call-To-Action for photographers everywhere to use their artistic talent, training, and equipment to also make moving images. We will teach the fundamental principles of filmmaking to photographers and show examples of specific films they can make right now with the tools they already have to open up their home markets to these services.

The GET IN MOTION TOUR travels to 39 cities around the country and I'm proud to say that is one of the sponsors.  Yes, I talked Jeff into giving away door prizes just like we do at our programs - his sponsors have agreed to give away over $3000 worth of prizes each evening!  As president of PhotoPro Network, I'm even throwing in one complete pass ($279value) to our PhotoPro Expo 2012 which features Vincent Laforet in person as one of our top presenters - more info right here.

Anyway, please check out the new GET IN MOTION tour coming your way, use CODE "ZISER" and get registered right here for only $45! 

I've already got my tickets for the Indianapolis stop - I hope to see you there!  -David

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