Friday, September 02, 2011

Weekend Update - Part 1: Half Price For PhotoPro Expo 20102 Extended Through Labor Day!

Good Afternoon Everybody,

Before we head out to Las Vegas and Photoshop World I wanted to update you on a few items.  First, PhotoPro Expo 2012 has extended it’s half price off through Labor Day – ONLY $139!  After that it’s gone forever!

I know you may be getting tired of me talking about it, but it’s my baby and I want it to be a huge success.  So far, we have nearly 200 individuals registered for this fabulous event.  I’m trying to push it to 700-1000.  Attendees are traveling from 16 states around the country – from California to New York – and we have the tradeshow about 40% sold out too!  We’re shooting for an 85 booth tradeshow and we’re about half way there with months to go!

PPE Extended

I’m trying to make this the “go to” photographic event for 2012 – with your help, we can pull it off.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed.  Just look at the talent line up – these are the “who’s who” in our industry.  What could be more exciting than meeting in person each and everyone of them and experiencing an exciting and informative presentation over a long weekend. It will be a total “Brain Fry!”

Check it out right here – don’t miss this last opportunity to attend one of the best photographic events of 2012. REGISTER NOW!

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