Thursday, September 08, 2011

Business Day Thursday: Planting The Seeds Of Expectation & Photoshop World Daily Recap

Good Morning Everybody,

Yesterday's Photoshop World kicked off to a rousing start with the opening ceremonies featuring the Project Photoshop presentation, I played the Tim Gamma (Gunn) character and Julianne Kost was Heidi Klum.  Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, Cory Barker, Dave Cross, R.C. Concepcion, and a large cast of characters played the parts of the Photoshop designers. 

Terry White, Jay Maisel, and Fay Sirkus played the role of the judges.  The challenge was to design gowns based on the Various tools found in Photoshop.  It was hilarious.  Scott won, of course, with his "winning" design featuring the "paint bucket" tool.   You can get an idea of the festivities right here.

Photoshop World Day 2 - Great New Software Introductions!

Color Efex 4Today the plan is to meet with NIK Software to get a private peek at their brand new Color Efex 4. I have been friends with NIK Software for many years and always look forward to their latest product launches. I am never disappointed.

I have seen wonders worked with NIK's Color Efex so I'm really looking forward to seeing what they have in store for their new release.  I'll keep you posted.

Perfect SuiteAnd speaking of software, the other big guys in that department, OnOne Software, are showcasing  their brand new Perfect Photo Suite 6.  Last week I sat in on two private webcasts in which they showed many of the features of their new product. 

Perfect PortraitI have to tell you, I was blown away by their new Perfect Portrait 1. It is the fastest, easiest way to retouch portrait images that I have ever seen!  I’ll get an opportunity to test drive the beta in just a few days.  I can't wait to fill you in on that one too.

Great Programs!

The programs and presenters are always great at Photoshop World. We sat in on Matt Kloskowski's Lightroom program yesterday and as usual I picked up a few tips along the way.

Photoshop WarsI think the most entertaining and educational segment of the Tech Expo is the Photoshop Wars booth hosted by iStock Photo. It's set up like a game show with two of the Photoshop gurus for instance Cory Barker and new Photoshop guy, Pete Collins going head to head on a project challenge.  Larry Becker, NAPP's Executive director hits the competition and keeps things lively and entertaining for the audience. It was really fun, and educational to watch.

At 1:00 today, totally unrelated to Photoshop World, I’m presenting a webcast on Sales and Marketing - it's a members only webcast for my buddy Chuck Lewis.  I thought what I'd do for today's post is cover the most salient points of my program.  I think you'll enjoy the sales tips.  Here we go.

Planting The Seeds of Expectation To Reap The Harvest Of Sales Success

OK, it's a long title but it really does speak to how you can enhance your photography sales.  You know, too many people are just order takers.  To be successful in any business, you really need to be an order maker.  A good place to begin is in your initial client consultation.

Sales Success Is More Than Booking The Event

It's more than just booking the sale or booking the event.  Sure, that's the main goal but there are many secondary goals on that first meeting too.  Let's say we just book the event - do we just offer our "Thank You’s" and say goodbye to the clients?  Too many photographers do just that and that begins to explain the severely distressed state of affairs for many photographers sales situations.

You have a client fired up about your photography, you've got them excited about how you’ll shoot their wedding - now just take it to next level.  After we initially book the client we quickly shift gears into the second phase of our sales process.  Let me walk you through just a few of the options we discuss with our clients.

Talk About What Your Current Clients Typically Purchase

Weddings AlbumsMost of us have various levels of coverage - you know, like Wendy's the Single, Double, and Triple - the more extensive the coverage, the higher the price.  Our top coverage includes 100 images bound in a beautiful leather album - our clients love it!

As I'm reviewing our levels of coverages the conversation goes something like this. "Mary and John, let me tell you about the best wedding coverage I have to offer.  It's our Level One coverage and includes 100 of your favorite images bound in a gorgeous leather bound album like you see below (show sample album)."

Now Plant The Seeds Of Expectation

Seeds Of ExpectationBut then I plant the "seeds of expectation".  "But I have to tell you, if I've done my best job for you, and I promise I will, your going to want a lot more that 100 images.  In fact, most of our clients select about 200-250 images for their album.  You know, with so many emotions and so much excitement happening at your wedding, it's difficult to tell the whole story in only 100 images.  Don't worry though, we offer special pricing, up to a 60% savings on all the additional images you add to your final collection."

Two Great Results!

What have I done?  Two things - first I told them everybody selects many more that 100 images for their album, they will probably do the same.  Heck, I'll show them about 1500 images selectively edited from the original 3500 images that I've taken and they will love about 400-600 of them. It's an easy matter to have them settle on 250 top favorites.

Secondly and most importantly, I've told them that those extra photographs will be affordably priced.  That's one of the sales secrets - build the expectation for the client wanting a complete coverage, 200-250 images in their final album, and be sure to "message" to them that the additional images will be an affordable addition to the level of coverage they've selected.

More Seeds To Plant

After we've discussed album expectations, we move on to the peripheral products like B&W Collections, multi image collages, family albums, etc.  I don't want today's post to turn into a book chapter so how about I continue this series next week where Ill discuss a few more "seeds of expectations" plantings you'll want to cover in this initial consultation.


On that note gang, I've got to run. We've got another big day today.  I've got my meeting with NIK at 11:00 a.m. and then my webcast at 1:00 p.m.  Then it's over to the Tech Expo to check out the latest and greatest the exhibitors have to offer.

At 4:00 p.m. you can catch me at the Westcott booth demonstrating their brand new 84 inch translucent umbrella I helped to design.  I plan to be shooting to the iPad for that demo so it should be pretty exciting.  I hope you'll stop by. At 6:00 I wrap the day with my "Make Your Lighting Exciting" program and then it's out to dinner with our buddies at OnOne Software.

Yep, looks like another full day but, always a fun day too ;~)

I'll see everybody tomorrow for a quick review of today's happenings and news of what I find exciting at the show.

That's an "Over and Out" for me today.

Have a great rest of the day and I'll see you tomorrow, David

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