Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wow! I'm World Famous

Well, not really, but almost. One of my images was just featured on the cover of an international publication - the Journal of the International Society of Organbuilders. How did my image end up there you ask. Well, Plum Street Temple, one of the most beautiful synagogues in the world just restored their historic 1866 Koehnken pipe organ.

I had taken several images before, during and after the renovation project and actually had the opportunity to meet and get to know the organ builder, Fritz Noack, quite well. Apparently, the restoration was to be featured in the ISO Journal and I was the "go to" guy for the images. One thing lead to another, my images were forwarded to France where the ISO Journal is published, and the rest is history.

It was kind of cool to open the envelope from France and pull out the magazine with my photograph on the front cover. But fame is so fleeting, I'm sure the next issue is in the works and I will soon be forgotten as a great pipe organ photographer. Andy Warhol was so right - everybody gets 15 minutes of fame in their life. So what does this have to do with wedding photography - I do a lot of weddings and Bar Mitzvahs here - and get to hear the beautiful music of this historic organ.

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