Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Technique Tuesday: My New Rocket Box; & 3 Secrets To Better Outdoor Portraits

Good Morning Everybody,

Rocket BoxFinally…. I am pretty much up and running on my brand new “rocket box” computer!  Fastest Core I7 chip, 125 gig flash boot drive, 16 gigs of fast memory, fast video card w/1gig memory, 2 DVD burners (1 is Blu-Ray), 8T of storage – (4 2T drives), Firewire, USB 2 & 3 outputs, 3 video outputs, with room to add more! I’m cookin’ now!

The fact of the matter was that it was time to upgrade.  Bigger files, shooting RAW, more complex programs – all the perfect storm crying out for more powerful machines.  We’re also installing 2 more machines for LaDawn and Jennifer with nearly the same specs. Finally I hope we’re all happy, (Do you hear me ladies?) computer campers at my studio ;~)

You know, you never know how much your productivity is suffering till you pull an upgrade like this.  It seemed all we did was wait, reboot, and wait some more with the older computers.  I know some of our MAC diva readers are going to leave me a note or two on this but regardless of the system you chose, they’re all pretty hot right now.

My buddy Denis Reggie, a PC person for years. just completely switched to MAC and is loving it.  Hey, what ever floats your boat.  I’m kind of a geek type and love tinkering with the computer innards so I’m pleased as punch with the system I’m now using – it FLYS!

OK gang, time to get on with today’s brand new Technique Tuesday – here we go.

3 Secrets To Better Outdoor Photography

When I was first getting started in photography, I attended about every seminar, class, workshop that I could afford.  I used to joke that I spent as much money on my photographic education as I did my college education – and I STLL attend several workshops and many classes each year.  It’s really the only way to grow in this profession and besides you’re never too old to stop learning.

Anyway, in those early years I really struggled in getting decent outdoor photographs.  The light just never seemed to be falling on the subject’s face just right.  Sometimes I pocketed the eye sockets, other times I seemed to split light the face way to much.

Over the years though, I finally got a handle on the technique and eventually was able to produce consistently, good looking portraits. In this tutorial I share with you 3 secrets I learned over the years in obtaining these outdoors portraits with natural light.  Those three secrets center around good backgrounds, contrast control, and getting light into the subject's eyes.

Why not hit the PLAY button and enjoy the show. -David


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  This afternoon we’re off to a big shoot for one of my client’s whose daughter is celebrating a Bat Mitzvah in a few weeks.  The theme of the Saturday evening party is fashion.  So I’m photographing my cute little model then making up 8 – 4 foot x 8foot banners to be suspended from the ceiling as part of the party/reception room décor.  We’ve done this previously on other Mitzvahs, it involves a lot of time and work to get them designed and printed, but they are really cool to see.  I’ll keep you posted as how the banners’ design and production are coming together.

How about I plan to see everyone again tomorrow for another episode of “You Still Have To Come Back With The Shot!”.  Hope to see you then.

Adios, David


  1. Robin from UK, WOW, great post David, I have a wedding coming up this weekend and this reminder is just what I need, so well explained and easy to put into practice.
    I have learned more from your blog than any book or video, and its all free, I am so greatful, thanks.

  2. I don't know if it's my system or not but I didn't have any audio on the intro or outtro.

  3. great great video. The photo looed great at the begining, but in fact after you showed the process one can really see the differences. I'm happy that you took all those courses and can no so easily explain.
    I will try it out :D