Monday, August 01, 2011

Quick Hit Monday: Photo News, Tips, and Giggles; Lightroom/Photoshop Tips; Google+; iPad Calibration; & More

Good Morning Everybody,

I hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to stay cool in your part of the world.  We're setting new high temp records in our neck of the woods. I've got a lot of interesting "reads" for you today so let's get right to it.

Google+ Growth Explosive!

How many of you are playing around with Google+ ? I've just recently set up my account and have had little time to play with it.  What was amazing to me was the amount of growth Google+ has experience in just the last four weeks - just look at the chart below.

Google plus growth

Heck, at that rate, every man, woman, and child in the world should be signed up by the end of the year ;~) All joking aside, the trend line is unbelievable!  Better get used to it, we’ll have to work it into our marketing plans real soon.

Looking for a review of the Google+ iPhone App, you can fined it right here.

Now You Can Color Calibrate Your iPad!

iPad Calibration I had to giggle about this one. Everyone wants a perfectly color calibrated color monitor.  And, now you can do the same with your iPad with DataColor’s new SpyderGallery app for FREE!  Here’s the link.

DAZNOTE: It amazes me that we want our monitor calibrated, but the real world, NEVER!  Just slip on a pair of those Foster Grants, and tint your world anything but naturally color balanced. Uhmmm… Food for thought ;~)

Photography Related News Tips, & Giggles

Free HDR Webcast Today August 1st at 4pm EST

RC Concepcion sits down with Matt Kloskowski to talk about all things HDR, including his new release, The HDR Book.

HDR Webcast RC will answer your questions, share some of the same techniques he uses in his own HDR projects, and give you some tips from the new book that's essentially a workshop between two covers.  You still have time – here is the link right here.

The Business Of Photography

Having been in business quite a few yews years I see folks jumping into the photograph biz all the time.  Many have no clue what to expect.  That’s why I like this post over at [link]

20 Pro Photog Myths Great down to earth advice!

And on that same topic I had a DPT reader send me this link to:

You Are Not A Photog I’m reserving my judgment on the sight – what do you think?

Prepare To Be Inspired

I love these sites when I find them.  Check out these amazingly beautiful landscapes by Paolo Pagnini right here.  Hope you enjoy the images too.Landscapes inspirational

Photoshop/Lightroom News, Tutorials, and Freebies

Julia Roberts ads bannedToo much of a good thing?

Lancome/Julia Roberts deemed misleading and pulled in Europe. Read all about it right here.

Speed up Photoshop Now

Find out how right here.

Lightroom SecretsLightroom Tips & Tuts

  1. Putting One Lightroom or Camera Raw Spot Removal Fix On Top of Another [link]
  2. Stacking Presets [link]

Monday Morning Giggle

There must be an easier way to take a photograph – this video is worth watching.  It’s creative, innovative, and funny.  I promise, it will get your week off to a good start. If you have trouble seeing the video, here is the direct link right here.


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  I’ll see you tomorrow for another Technique Tuesday.  Have a good one –

I’ll see you then,  David

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  1. Hi David,

    Google are trying to recover what they lost to facebook. But I still think that they are far away... Don't forget the latest attempts (Wave and Buzz)...

    About the website "You're not a photographer, you can't buy talent"... Well, I don't belive in the word Talent. Everyone with study and a good repertoire could be a great photographer/artist...