Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Colors Of China"

Colors Of China

"Colors Of China"
© David A. Ziser

I have always loved this image but I don’t think I have ever blogged it before.  It was made at a wedding I did several years ago.  I remember the wedding too well because a few of my Signature images came from that wedding.  I’m looking at one hanging in my studio right now.

Part of the wedding was conducted in the beautiful traditional colors of the bride’s heritage. I just love the rich, bright  colors.  As the girls were waiting, I quickly grabbed this shot with no flash – just the available light at the moment.

I think it’s the color harmony I like the best – all the reds, golds, and oranges singing together.  I also like the three color geometrics – 2 red quarter arches “falling” into the full circle of orange color.  This is also one of the rare times I’ve tilted my camera to compose a photograph, but I like how it works here.

This type of image is perfect as a background image in wedding album design or stands equally well on it’s own. I still enjoy viewing it.

Camera specs: Nikon D1x fitted with a 50mm lens, F2.8 @ 1/60 second, ISO 400.  Enjoy!  -David

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  1. Hi Dave, let me first congratulate you on a well put together webcast. Having looked at how rich the above picture looks i was wondering if you could direct me some previous post that had emphasis on giving the picture that extra richnest.