Monday, August 29, 2011

Quick Hit Monday: FREE Webcast Announced: Only 3 Days To Save; Time Lapse Photography: Amazing Zooms: & More!

Good Morning Everybody,

Hope everyone had a great weekend – I know the east coast was awash with Hurricane Irene so I hope all of you made it through safe and sound and are high and dry for the rest of the week.

PSW Las VegasI can’t believe it – only one  week till Photoshop World.  Yep, we head to Las Vegas on Sunday morning. I’m   kicking off with my sold out Pre-Con wedding shoot on Tuesday, two more programs on Wednesday and Thursday and something like 5-6 booth appearances – it’s going to be one busy week.  But, you know, it’s still one of the most fun, while gaining AWESOME information, conventions we attend.  I sure hope you’ll come up and say “HI” if you are in the neighborhood.

Hey gang, I’ve got a couple of cools things to announce today so why don’t we get started.

FREE Webcast Coming Up: Social Media Marketing – Do It Or Die!

Register Now LRI’ll tell you, last month at our PhotoPro Summer School, I asked A.J. Wood to fly in and be one of my presenters – his topic, Social Media Marketing.  All the speakers got “RAVE” reviews but A.J. really hit it out of the park – people LOVED his program and the wealth of knowledge he shared!

I just talked to A.J. last week and asked him if he could reprise his fabulous program again for our DigitalProTalk readers and all members of PhotoPro Network.  He gladly obliged. Program Synopsis below:

Social Media Marketing – Do It Or Die!

When: September 22, 2011

Time: 3:00 p.m. EDT; 12:00 p.m. Pacific

AJ Wood PicA.J. has built a business as a consultant on Social Media marketing.  Like it or not – you’ve got to get up to speed on social media marketing or you will be left in the dust by the competition.  Those who do it best have transformed their businesses and “smoked” the competition.

Social-Media MarketingA.J. will point you towards the best strategies and clever shortcuts used by the social media experts.  He’ll show you how it can work for you and probably much more easily than you imagined.  If you want to grow your business in the 21th century, this is an essential program to see.

You don’t want to miss A.J.’s encore performance! 


Only Three Days Left To Save 50% On PhotoPro Expo 2012!

That’s right folks, only three days left to sign up for the photographic experience of a lifetime - PhotoPro Expo 2012 at 1/2 price, only $139! Prices go up to $279 after August 31, 2012. Next February 3,4,5 you’ll be able to hear the absolute best speakers in our industry speak on all things photography.

  • Scott Kelby: Photoshop/Lightroom
  • Jerry Ghionis: World Class Wedding Photography
  • Vincent LaForet: Pulitzer Prize winning photography & video
  • Joel Grimes: Illustrative portraiture
  • Sarah Petty: Marketing Mastery
  • Skip Cohen: Inspiration
  • Kirk Voclain: Fabulous High School Senior photography
  • Syl Arena: Speedlighting Master
  • Lindsay Adler: Fashion
  • Janice Wendt: Digital Fine Art
  • Plus more super stars to be named!

PhotoPro Expo no pics

Fly, Drive, Run – just get there anyway you can! We have about 100 already registered from 12 states around the country! Plus 40% of the trade show already sold out six months ahead of time!  Folks, this will be one of the biggest photographic events of 2012! Don’t miss it!

Check Out All Info & Register Right Here!

A Few Quick Hits For You

From Visualization To Digital Darkroom. 4 Tips For Better Photos By Gavin Seim: [link]

Gavin 1Fellow blogging buddy and great photographer Gavin Seim has a wonderful article and some amazing photographs – a very good read.

This Will Amaze Your Eyes!

Sometime over the weekend I was cruising the net and stumbled upon this link to  I have to tell you, it is a fascinating site to visit.  Let me give you an idea.  Look at the image below – a lot of people in a big crowd, right.

Gigapixel pic

Well, over at Gigapixel what you see is not what you get!  What’s really fun is that these images are GIGABITS BIG and contain tons in information which means you can zoom into the image. Now look at the second image.  I did a quick screen grab of just a small part of the image – way cool. 

GigaPixel2Hey, got a few minutes for a little fun, check out some more of their images right here.

A Complete Guide to Time Lapse Photography

Time lapse photography has always fascinated me and I think this is a great article on the subject with some nice Time Lapse videos included like the one below. Give it a read right here.

How Many Fingers To Hold A Mouse? 

Photoshop disastersAnd while we’re having a little fun today let me point you to one more link – 20 Worst Photoshop Disasters Of 2010 - that hopefully will bring you another Monday Morning giggle ;~) Smashing Hub is a great website with more information than you could consume in a year.  This recent post is one of my favorites – enjoy.


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  We’ve got a lot of things to get completed this week with Photoshop World right around the corner. Have a great rest of the day and I’ll see you tomorrow for Technique Tuesday.

See ya’ then,  David

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  1. David, always enjoy your blog posts. I think I'll try and make it to the social media marketing webcast you mentioned. Also, I appreciate you linking to my site at I'll be sure to return the favor.