Thursday, August 04, 2011

Business day Thursday: Sales & Marketing Webcast With Charles J. Lewis

Good Afternoon Everybody,

Did you get a chance to read through everything I posted yesterday? There was a “ton”of information.  I’m going a little lighter with today’s post since I have my webcast with marketing/sales guru, Charles Lewis at 3:30 p.m. EST.

Crowd graphic 2 LR I know we have a full house (1000 attendees) for the webcast but as generally happens at the last minute, some folks wont be able to attend, so you may still have a shot at getting in. You can still try to register right here

Now let me say this before I get into trouble. You may be able to register because GoToWebinar will over-book an event. That's being said, with the no-shows, most everyone gets in, but there is always a chance at this late date that you may be unable to attend even if you are registered. Anyway, that being said, I gave our DPT readers an early heads up last week so you know what they say, “if you snoozed, etc….”

I’m “LIVE” Blogging Our Webcast Today

LIVE Blogging Here is my plan for today’s blog post.  Since Chuck and his son Todd will be carrying most of the 90 minute program, I’m going to “LIVE” blog from my end.  You are welcome to follow along. The plan is to constantly update this post via Windows Live Writer.  You’re RSS reader may “ding” several times when I post new info, but at least you’ll know there’s fresh content up and ready to read.

And, if you can’t follow along, no problem, just read my posts later when you have some time.  It’s something brand new I want to try so today is as good a day as any to give it a shot.  My expectation is the by the end of the posting, we will have one info packed post.

Hey gang, Webcast starts in just a few minutes.

We’re on the air.  Chuck just shared a great bit of advice about PST.  We need to Plan, Study, and Train at least one hour each day!  I agree 100%. You’ve got to apply your effort and energy pro-actively to your success.

Chuck’s quick poll showed this is what photographers want to solve:

Quick Poll - What Photogs wantThe 4 Biggest And Most Costly Sales Mistakes Every Photographer Makes:

1.  You know what the client is looking for. 

Wrong – We need to discover the client’s Dominate Buying Motive

2. Your work will sell itself.

Not – Our work may turn heads, but it’s up to us to make the sell.

3, Selling is a bad thing and manipulating people.

Wrong - Selling is a service you offer your clients.  Find out what they want and help them get it.  Selling is central to building a relationship.

4. They never make the effort to find out what the client needs.

It’s up to us to discover what the client is looking for.  That too is central to successful sales.

Audience poll # 2:Percentage of Photo IncomeKey Points For Successful Sales:

The relationship is the whole deal!

Secret #1: People invest in photography for EMOTIONAL reasons.

Secret #2: What’s UNIQUE about you? Know the answer.

Secret #3: In photography, your GUARANTEE is one of the all time most important secrets to your success. A guarantee removes the risk from the buyer in making the buying condition.

Secret #4: Your TELEPHONE is  your most important tool. You better be able to communicate on the phone.

Telephone Tips:

1. Ask questions – get to know your client, make them feel important.

2. Use the “re-direction question” and that question is the magic question.  Use the magic question – “If you don’t mind me asking, what’s most important about your wedding, family portrait, etc.” Then shut up!

3. Use the “Volunteer Statement.” – Do you mind if I give you an idea what the photography will cost?”

4. Ask the “Qualifying Question.” – “Is that within your budget?”

To have a successful telephone outcome, don’t “wing it”, work from a script based on the telephone tips above.

Heck, you can use these same tips in email communications with your clients.

5. Your Photo Business Layout and Design is critical – You sell what you show!

6. Design consultation sales chats – Yes, don’t try to book the session over the phone.  Every successful sales is the result of this preliminary design consultation meeting. If you don’t meet them in person the sales goes nowhere.

7. To be successful with photography you must use the correct words – the vocabulary is  way more powerful than to realize!

8. Overcome “Sales Resistance” the easy way – by being enthusiast.

9. The 1st impression is the most lasting impression – always project! Be pro-active is your approach to sales!


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  I hope you enjoyed the “LIVE” Blog-cast today – it was quite an experience for me – listening and typing ;~)  I also hope that all of you that tuned in the actual “LIVE” webcast really enjoyed it too.  I’ll see about getting the web-cast rebroadcast right here at DigitalProTalk – stay tuned.

Chuck and his son Todd had so many tips, techniques, and insights to really help you take your sales to the next level.

Have a great one everybody,  David


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  1. Hey Dave, I enjoyed the webcast, and wanted to say thanks for posting the highlights, I didnt get all of the points the first time around.