Monday, August 15, 2011

"Three Sisters"

"Three Sisters"
© David A. Ziser

I created this image of three sisters during a portrait session a number of years ago. And, it still remains one of my favorites.  Each child had this beautiful "Breck" like hair – shiny, silky smooth, and long. Although, I photographed each of the sisters separately and together as a group, I thought an image of each sister with her other sisters beautiful hair could be quite different and possibly quite interesting.

I chose to photograph each sibling through the hair of the other two sisters. This was one of my favorite images because of the lighter hair of the center sister helps bring attention to her in the image creating a pleasing composition overall.

Lighting was from an old White Lightning flash I’ve had for years – it has since “died”. I was shooting through a Westcott Halo, my favorite studio light modifier.  I used a 36” silver reflector close to the subjects for “fill”.  The use of the convex shaped Westcott Halo pointed directly at the subjects easily through the light into the reflector for just the right amount of “fill” light.  For me, it’s an ideal studio set up.

The parents loved the images!!

Camera specs; Nikon D1x fitted with a Tamron 24-135mm lens at 135mm, F8 @ 1/200second, ISO 100. Enjoy! -David

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