Wednesday, August 03, 2011

My Summer Success Collection Available Now!

For the last several weeks I’ve been working with several of our sponsors putting together the best collection of training materials, software, Photoshop templates, and business building materials available.

Thanks to their generosity, I have something unbelievable to tell you about today – my brand new Summer Success Collection!  Everybody told me I was pricing it way to low at $59 but I didn’t care – I wanted it to be the best photographic value of the summer!  We’ve done exactly that!  For only $59, looks what’s included.

Summer Success Collection Ad2

Only $59 (over $400 value)

This limited time offer will not last for long. You can get more info and pick yours up today right here!

In this 5 DVD set you will learn:

10 amazing new ways to make your lighting exciting!

10 of the best lens choices and camera settings to produce strikingly beautiful results!

10 fast and easy lighting secrets to make people look their absolute best!

10 exciting ways to compose your image before firing the shutter guaranteeing the perfect shot!

10 fantastic tips to advance your digital designs to the next level!

10 unique post-production software solutions to save you "tons" of time!

10 awesome profit building marketing and sales techniques to add to your bottom line.


Add to that all the fabulous goodies you receive like:

Folks, these items alone is worth over $300!

Plus you receive:

This is one impressive Summer Success Collection ready to supercharge your photography business for the rest of the year!

DAZ Wedding Book 0009-Store-IMG_8167-Edit

Hey, you can even add my best selling book Captured By The Light or my very popular Zumbrella for only $20 each. Get it today –

Right here, Right now!

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