Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Technique Tuesday: Supercharge Your Portable Speedlites; & Perfect Layers Simply Awesome!

Good Morning Everybody,

Welcome to another Technique Tuesday.  Before we get into today’s post, I want to tell you about one hot new product to hit the software shelves last Thursday.  Last week, our good friends at onOne Software offered to give my staff and myself a private showing of all of their software products, including their newly introduced Perfect Layers.

Perfect Layers – One Cool New Product!

Perfect Layers Logo Perfect Layers can be configured to run as a stand alone program or as a plug-in for Lightroom, Photoshop, and Apple’s Aperture.  I have to tell you – it is one way cool product!!  Layers in Lightroom – what a concept! Why hadn’t Adobe taken care of this a long time ago?

Here’s a bit of the back story.  Lightroom and Photoshop guru, Scott Kelby, got talking to the good folks at onOne Software and Scott raised the possibility of developing a plug-in for Lightroom that would do Layers.  The rest is history and after many weeks of beta testing, the product is finally shipping.

Perfect Layers Before To see Perfect Layers in action is amazing!  You know what that means for us, don’t you – one less trip into Photoshop in our post production.

Back to our private training session with Perfect Layer AfterOnOne Software – the time went flying by and before long we had chewed up almost an hour checking out all the new features of the onOne Software Suite.  The staff and I were so enthused that we are planning another session for later this week.  I’ll keep you posted.

Because of the tremendous power of Perfect Layers, I’ll plan an upcoming Technique Tuesday that target’s it use specifically for the wedding/portrait photographer.  Wait till you see it – Perfect Layers will blow you away.  Hey, I don’t want to keep you hanging.  Why not checkout Matt Kloskowski’s  Perfect Layers primer right here.  Enjoy!

Supercharge Your Portable Speedlites

Have you ever been shooting with your flashes outdoors and wished they could put out a bit more power?  Heck, I shoot with a 150 w.s. Quantum and still wish for more power out of the Quantum.

Here is the deal – I’m outdoors shooting with, not my Quantum flash, but instead with my shoe mount speedlites.  Because they are smaller and more portable, I sometimes prefer shooting with them instead of my assistant carrying the larger strobes around.

When I make that choice to use the less powerful speedlites, I do give up a lot of flash fire power for my outdoor shooting.  Is there any way to boost the power when using my smaller speedlites?  The answer is a resounding YES!  Want to see how I can easily double the output of my shoe mount speedlites – Hit the PLAY button below and enjoy the show!


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  Hope you enjoyed today’s Technique Tuesday. I’ll plan to be back same time, same station tomorrow for another scintillating post from DPT.

Hope to see you then,  David


  1. Hi David,

    When zooming the off-camera flash, are you using the flash in ETTL Mode as your stills indicate or are you switching the flash to manual mode? I'm a touch confused.

    Thank you,

  2. Great tip!

    Another thing I learned from mcNally to get more power is using 3 speedlites and mounting them on the lastolite triflash bracket. I'm using cheap ones like the YN560-II and that setup gives me a poor-mans 'quantum' flash

  3. David, I know you're a fan of shoot-thru umbrellas. Was that the case with the smaller flash head example, or did you shoot w/o an umbrella?