Monday, June 20, 2011

"Curves Galore"

0001-Curves Galore-IMG_8126

"Curves Galore"
© David A. Ziser

Since I'm back to work editing my images from my Kelby Training shoot a few weeks ago, I thought I’d share a few of them with you this week.  This is one of my favorite images from those REALLY hot summer sessions a month ago. 

We were working in the 95 degrees temperatures of the blazing Tampa sun.  Wait, it was worse.  We were also working in a downtown urban park covered in concrete - the hot rays of the sun were being reflected in all directions.  You guessed it, this snowy white skinned Midwestern boy, without any thought of applying sunscreen before the shoot, picked up a pretty good sunburn ;~)

Anyway, we all toughed out the hot sun and got some great photographs.  This image was made in a small amphitheater near the water.  It was bright, white, and hot, Hot, HOT, but it sure offered some very cool (pun intended) compositional lines for our photograph today.

It’s the curves of the composition that lead and surround our beautiful model, Holly.  All lines lead to the subject.  By isolating on those curves, the location becomes non-descript offering only compositional elements as a background to this image.  It's hard to tell where this image was taken but that fact adds to the clean compositional nature of this image.

Lighting was from my strobe - camera left at full power - 150 w.s. - and was pretty close to the subject.  Shooting the subject without any direction of light would have compromised the image so much.  It desperately needed the additional dimensional lighting to make the image pop off the page.

Camera specs: Canon 7D fitted with 18-200mm lens at 50mm, F 11 @1/250 second, ISO 200. Enjoy!  -David


  1. Hi David,
    Starting to follow your blog after reading your great book Captured by the light. The best book I've read so far. You can explain things in a few pages while a lot of others have to write a whole book with the same content you write in a single paragraph. I'm glad I ordered it!
    I have a question about the camera specs of Curves Galore, maybe you can give a quick answer or direct me to a earlier post:
    How did you cope with the flash sync @1/2500 second with (probably) an off camera manual flash (the Quantum?)? As far as my knowledge goes, there is no high speed sync possible with manual flash.
    Steven, Holland

  2. Great shot David, I think that is the best one in that series with that model.

  3. @Steven - It's not at 1/2500 but at 1/250, which is still manageable as long as you avoid the part of the frame that won't be lit by the strobe