Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Our Emerging Future"

Emerging Future - 6x8-0045_JoffeBWP04 "Our Emerging Future"
© David A. Ziser

I blogged this image a while ago but without much back story. That’s why I thought we would revisit it again today. I created this image as one of a series of images detailing my newborn subject.  I’ll tell you, it was one of my most difficult in home sessions.  The subjects were twin newborns about 5 weeks old and born 3 weeks premature.

My assistant, with my strobe and “shoot thru” umbrella (pre Zumbrella days), and I were literally following mom and dad and babies around their living room grabbing what ever we could in between crying spells.  After three hours of photographing crying babies, I felt I had nothing from the shoot.

I spent about a week just reviewing the images to see if I could pull anything out of the flat lit, pretty ordinary set of image.  Inspiration lead me to take a few images into Photoshop. After working with the “Curves” adjustment layer and “Layer Mask”, I came up with a technique that saved the day. I actually featured that technique a few years ago in a Technique Tuesday post by the same name right here [link].

This image is one of my favorites. I love the tiny hand over the father's thumb. The size differential puts everything in perspective - the fragility of the infant who will all too soon become a man - our future.

Camera specs: Nikon D1x (yes, it was way back in my Nikon days) fitted with Tamron 28-105 F2.8 lens at 105mm, F8.0 @ 1/125 second, ISO 400.  Enjoy!  -David

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