Friday, December 03, 2010

Enjoying A Lazy, Crazy Friday; Help-Portrait Tomorrow

Good Morning Everybody,

There sure has been a lot that has happened since last Friday.  My buddy, Kent, and I drove from Cincinnati, Ohio all the way across the country to San Diego – about 2,200 miles.  We then made a left turn, crossed the Mexican/US border and headed south for our Baja adventure. What an adventure it has been!

Hope You Enjoyed The Journey With Us

Blinding SunI’ve tried to give you the “play by play” right here at DPT for the entire trip.  I’ve been blogging twelve days in a row now – a new record.  Since we began our trip I’ve blogged about 12,000 words and several images. So you know where I’m going here – I’m taking the day off.

The girls are getting their facials at the spa and Kent and I are geeking around with Eye-Fi cards, my new Canon G12 and Fuji’s HS10 cameras.  I just picked up both cameras for far different reasons, but lest I start blogging about them here, let me just say, I’ll give you an update next week.

Help-Portrait Day Is Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Help Portrait Day [link]. HELP-PORTRAIT is a global movement of photographers using their time, gear, and expertise to give back to these in need.

Help Portrait

We have scheduled to shoot free family and individual portraits for the local community from 3-5 p.m. Sarah and I are shooting, LaDawn is keeping track of the portraits, and Kent will be checking to be sure everything runs smoothly.

We’ll process the portraits over the weekend at the local Costco and plan to deliver them to the families next week.  We are all looking forward to meeting the locals and sharing our talents. It should be interesting.  I’ll fill you in on Monday.

Time’s A’ Wasting…

OfficeOh, what’s that?  I hear everybody calling.  It seems we have to make a trip to the Office down in Cabo San Lucas. I know what your thinking, “Ziser just said he was going to the Office even after he said he was taking the day off – what gives?” Hey, hit the link right here to see what gives.

The Office is about the most relaxing place in the world and a great place to hang with friends and that’s where we will be spending the afternoon – just relaxing – ahhhh……

Have a great one everybody and I’ll see you next week with our regular line up of scintillating, information packed, entertaining posts.

See ya’ then.

Adios, -David

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  1. David

    What a great adventure. When I first started reading your post at the beginning of the trip I thought OMG, that is not the type of vacation I would want to take. But if it was half as interesting as you made it sound it was fantastic. Thanks for the colorful presentation of your odyssey.

    Warmest Regards,
    Dave Updegraff