Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"My Burning Love"

My Burning Love

"My Burning Love"
©David A. Ziser

Here is another one of my favorite images I pulled from the archives.  I’m going to have to revisit the wedding again.  There are some beautiful images from this event. 

I still remember photographing the wedding.  It was an early start on the day, about 9:00 a.m.  It was a very elegant morning/afternoon affair and, as usual, we were there to the end of all the festivities.

We had pre-arranged to head over to one of the local parks and see if we could get some great outdoor pictorial and maybe be lucky enough to catch some sunset photographs.  The day was perfect for for photographs – great looking couple, soft light, and plenty of time to capture some great images.

This was one of the last images I made on that day.  Notice that it is a simple silhouette – no auxiliary lighting was used at all. Just a simple exposure against the background of the setting.  I paid careful attention to composition and exposure to work for the result I wanted.

Camera specs: Nikon D1x fitted with 18-35mm lens at 18mm, F16 @ 1/500 second, ISO 125.  Enjoy!  David

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Here is what the original image looked like.  How did I phrase the last line of the back story above? I said, “I paid careful attention to composition and exposure to work for the result I wanted.”

Burning Love - Start

We had hit the park well before sunset and the sky was doing nothing special. The client really wanted an image like the one displayed in my studio – same location, spectacular sunset.  It wasn’t going to happen here today.

Time to go to plan B. I felt that if I could get a decent silhouette of the couple in the same location with the sky over exposed, I could easily drop a “sunset” in later.  That was the plan.  I took the photograph you see above, headed over to iStockphoto – I prefer Fotolia these days – grabbed a great sunset and dropped it in.

Presto! – a great image the client loved.  Yes, they ordered a wall portrait for their home too.  Ahhhh…. the magic of “digital.”



  1. Love the picture, but my eye goes to his pony tail.

  2. Nice work David. The background reflections and ambient toning look very natural.

  3. Gorgeous.

    But just dropped it in? Come on. The color and tone is in the highlights of the trees, it's in the reflections on the ground. There was some really great detail work here.