Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 New Year Announcements!

Good Morning Everybody,

First off, a great big "Thank you" for all the nice Christmas wishes from our DPT readers - much appreciated!

I hope everybody had a great holiday. We sure did. In fact we have a few more days planned with friends this week too. You know those holidays, the celebrations just keep on coming ;~) .

2011 very coolHey gang, just some quick news about the upcoming new year for me. Personally, we are changing directions around my studio for the next year. I'm planning to put more of my attention to training, writing, and my fine art endeavors.

Expanded Training Coming Your Way!

Training LRI find I really enjoy the training and writing and plan to make that a bigger part of my life. The training and writing will continue to be wedding, portrait, and business centric. That means things should stay pretty much the same on my blog. We are looking to expand on that whole concept - more later. All that should be really good news to our DPT readers out there.

Taking A Road Less Traveled

200px-Cathedral Rock - 0504ps - LR I'm also planning to spend more time pursuing my interests in fine art and landscape photography. That's always been a secret love of mine and I think it's time to take it to the next level. You know, too many people put off what they want to do for too long and then they die - sounds harsh, but it's true.

LaDawn and I have discussed this for the last couple of years and next year is the year we make our move. Hey, and you guys and gals get to come along for the journey too - it should be fun.

Multi Day On Location Workshops Coming Your Way

On the lecture front, we are planning something different too. We still have our 2011 Master Class scheduled - BTW, there are only  two seats left so if you are interested in nabbing one of them give the studio a call at 800.292.2994 to reserve yours.

Workshops LRThe plan for 2011 is to take a smaller yet similar multiple day Master Class on the road. We are planning four classes around the country for next year and maybe one or two out of the country. We are working on the schedule as we speak. Stay tuned to DPT for further developing details. I'm really looking forward to see how this new endeavor continues to develop.

Big News In The Air – A New Book Waiting In The Wings!

And lastly, I'm taking DPT to 3 days a week. Wait, wait - here's why. I hear over and over that I'm a crazed blogger with 1200 word posts 5 days a week. People tell me they just don't have time to keep up. The new schedule should make it easier to do just that. And don't worry, you'll still be seeing Technique Tuesday and Business Day Thursday for sure. And on the third day, who knows, I'll surprise ya' ;~)

Book LRBut there is another reason too and it's the most important reason - here's why I’m cutting back the blog from 5 days to 3 days. I'm beginning a second book next year - working  title: "What Makes An Image Beautiful?". I'll spend the two days I'm not blogging still at the computer working on the book.

I want to take what I started in "Captured By The Light" and take it to a whole new level. Yes, it will be written in the same style as my first book "Captured... was written - lots of step by step techniques, tons of diagrams, and all brand new images! If you have a few ideas for the new book, just let me know. Who knows you;re ideas may make it in my second book - just post your suggestions, ideas… in the Comments section below.

When am I starting the new book? Next week, as a matter of fact. We head to Florida on Friday for 12 days of no studio interruptions or distractions so I can get a good start on the writing. So gang, that's about it - lots of changes and new directions to explore on the horizon for next year. I sure hope you'll join me for the adventures!


Hey gang, that it's for me today. We've got a slow business week around here and we are looking forward to it. Have a great day today and I'll see you tomorrow for another episode of Technique Tuesday: Environmental Portraits

See ya' then, David

PS – cool Quick Hits coming later this week.


  1. Great updates David... might I suggest that one of your "on the road" master classes be in the northwest (Portland/Seattle)?

    While we'll miss the daily blogging, I'm sure the book will be great. Thanks for all you share.

  2. Robin from UK, sad to hear its 3 days but will look foreward to the new book, I am sure it will be worth it, the first book rocked.

  3. Too much blogging?! Can't keep up?! Some people need to get a life :). I appreciate all the writing and videos you do. I check in nightly and am estatic when I learn something new.

  4. David - Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you, LaDawn, and the team at the studio. Thank YOU for all the great posts in 2010. I am an amateur photo enthusiast who looks forward to reading your every post -- I am not sure what I will do with only THREE a week!! I certainly understand the time commitment it must take and appreciate every post that you have made. Having picked up a copy of "Captured..." I know the next book will be just as good -- I look forward to it. Keep up the Great work -- we all appreciate it and here's to more Blog Posts in 2011!!

  5. David - congrats to you and LaDawn for being able to take a new direction of passion. I am happy for you. Thank you, too, for all you give us readers throughout the year; it is much appreciated. Sometimes, my day job is hectic and I work in the evenings, too, just to keep up with it. When that happens, I fall behind with reading your blog. Eventually, I catch up, though. I have noticed, however, that if too much time passes without reading your material I feel I'm becoming stagnant. But within minutes of picking back up I can feel the enthusiasm and creative juices begin to flow again. I said all that to say this: your new direction will be immensely helpful to us photographers. Thanks again. Brian F.

  6. You are one of the bloggers I follow who I can always count on to have something new! I appreciate how much time you've put into educating the community, and continue to look forward to 3 posts a week. All the best in the New Year!