Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What’s Up Wednesday: My Top 10 iPad Apps/Accessories – Are You An iPad Fanatic Yet?

Good Morning Everybody,

We had a great day in the city yesterday – I feel like we walked about 100 miles.  My “dogs were barkin’” by the time we got back to the hotel room last night.

DAZ w-Rick Sammon We caught up with Rick Sammon at Bethesda Fountain in the middle of Central Park.  Rick had quite the crowd there.  The event was sponsored by B&H, Westcott, Canon, and Nikon and it sure looked like everyone was having a great time. 

They ran the shoot a bit like we run my Master Class – 5 instructors, 5 models, and groups of about 10-15 photogs shooting away.  Rumor has it that you may see me in Central Park in the not to distant future – I can’t wait.

I’ll tell ya’, Rick showed me his brand new iPhone/iPad app.  It’s called Photo Buffet and is really cool – only $4.99.  You’ve got to check it out -  it’s jammed packed with photo info, befores and afters, and even video of Rich demo-ing how he shoots. Here is the iTunes link. I’m downloading it today.

Katz Deli Next we headed down to Houston and Bowery, caught up our B&H buddies, Jesica, Gabe, and his wife Nancy at Katz Deli – the best NYC deli with the best pastrami (and corned beef) in the world – delicious! Oh, and by the way, it’s where Harry met Sally. GREAT food, GREAT fun and lots of laughs!

Today we head over to Animoto World Headquarters to take the tour and see how they work their Animoto magic on those millions of image and video files uploaded every day.  We are looking forward to the visit.  I’ll fill you in on our visit tomorrow.

That said, we better get started with today’s post.  Fasten your seat belts, we are off.

My Top Ten iPad Apps/Accessories – Are You An iPad Fanatic Yet?

OK, everybody knows by now that I think the iPad is about the coolest, most fun, and most useful new tool for photographers.  I’ve owned mine for about 4 weeks and am definitely an iPad fanatic – just ask LaDawn. (He’s somewhat obsessed!)

Hey, it’s like anything else though – if it can save you time and make you money, it needs to be part of your business gear.  My iPad has certainly found it’s place in my day to day business operations. And not only that, but it’s just fun to play with.

Today I thought I’d point you towards my favorite apps and accessories. If you are an iPad user, I hope you will share a few of your favorites here too.  Here we go…

My Top 10 iPad Apps/Accessories Are:

Pages 1. Pages: Probably my favorite.  I can get my ideas, blog posts down in no time.  When used in conjunction with iWork, I can quickly get my notes and posts whenever and wherever they need to be.

2. Keynote: With my PowerPoint presentations backed up to my iPad and when used in conjunction with the iPad VGA adapter,  I have the perfect backup solution for my programs.  Keynote also gives me an easy way to review my presentations while traveling to the presentation venue.

Keynote also opens the doors for each of us in putting together very effective “portable” client presentations too – lots of uses for this.

Dragon 3. Dragon Dictation: OK, this is one cool little app.  It’s available for your iPhone too.  Just start the app and talk away. Dragon will transcribe up to 60 seconds of dictation fairly  accurately.  Just copy and paste into email, text message, etc. This is really a keeper app.

4. Go To Meeting: I haven’t used this much, but what a convenient way to tune in to webinars when you are not in front of your computer – Wow!

5. Skype:  This has been one of my favorite apps for years.  We communicate with our our of town clients easily and inexpensively – approximately 2 cents a minute! I loved this app when it became available on the iPhone.  Now I’ve got it on my iPad and it works great.

6. USA Today: Hey, now if my hotel forgets to drop a USA Today at my door, no problem, I just bring it up on my iPad.  It’s super easy to navigate and a great way to catch up on the news. 

7. Pandora: This has been one of my favorite iPhone apps.  Now it’s on the iPad too with a much larger interface which makes it a joy to use.  I don’t even find a need to download my iTunes music library on my iPhone or iPad with Pandora loaded.  Sure saves you storage space, even on my little 16 Gig version.

Netflix 8. Netflix: OK, one of my all time favorite iPad apps. Pay your $9.00/mo and watch 1000’s of movies anywhere, including your iPad.  And the good news is that with the latest Netflix update, it works with the iPad VGA adapter.  I’m going to see if I can get it hooked up to our flat screen TV in our hotel room.  Who wants to spend $15.00 to watch a movie in their hotel room when traveling.  Netflix to the rescue!

Camera adapter 9. Camera Adapter: This was a long time coming after I ordered it from the Apple store, but I have to say, it’s very slick. I prefer the USB adapter.  The kit comes with a SDHC adapter too, but my shooting with flash cards means I need a flash card reader – Delkin’s

10. VGA Adapter: Well, maybe – here’s why. When I first tried the VGA adapter on the iPad, it was flat out LAME. I wanted it to “mirror” what I saw on my iPad screen – it doesn’t – really dumb. Even when I bring up Keynote with the adapter, it blanks the screen – what’s that about? I have to look over my shoulder while presenting to see the slides – really dumb.

The VGA adapter has terrible reviews at the Apple store and they are all rightly deserved.  But I think the real problem may be in the iPad itself. It seems to me a tweak or two in the iPad OS could easily solve ALL the problems noted with the VGA adapter.  Hopefully a future iPad OS update with make things right. Keep your fingers crossed.

Next time around I’ll point you towards some of my app favorite sites where you can find another gem or two.


OK, gang that’s it for me today. We are heading over to Animoto World Headquarters.  I’ll plan to see you tomorrow for another money making episode of Business Day Thursday.

Adios,  -David


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