Friday, May 28, 2010

Apps You May Have Missed

Good Morning Everybody,

Billy Elliot We are still enjoying our visit  in NYC. Last night we took in the Broadway Play, "Billy Elliot" which was phenomenal. LaDawn and I had actually seen the production two years ago in London's West End and it was great there. I was anxious to see how well it travelled across the "pond".

This show is just so full of energy, it's just amazing to watch in person. Hey, if you can't make it to NYC to see the play, you can catch the movie that the play is based on right here – not quite the same, but still a great story. I first saw the movie years ago and have been a "Billy Elliot" fan ever since.

Hey gang, I'm making this short and sweet today. I promised my daughter that we would help her move into her new apartment inthe city. That means that we are out of here earlier that usual to catch up with her and the movers. Soooo, let's get right to it.

Apps You May Have Missed

Apps I don't how many of our DPT readers have the new iPad, but you all know I love mine. It has made blogging this week really easy. on Wednesday [link], I listed my favorite 10 iPad apps and accessories.

I didn't have time to do it on Wednesday, so today I want to point tour towards some other sites that review and rate iPad and iPhone apps. If you decide to drink the iPad "grape juice", these sites are a good place to go for more iPad mania.

Here is my quick list:

Terry White’s Best App Site:  Terry just started this site and it’s a winner.  This link will take you to his “People’s Choice” post showing the 50 top apps from Terry’s readers.

Huffington Post: This esteemed super blog also weighed in on the best iPad apps. Here is the link to their choice for awesome iPad apps.  OK, iPad Kool-aid drinkers, head over to right here.  I promise you, you will be like a kid in a candy store – apps, reviews, best free apps, and more.  So many apps, so little time!!!!  Another good site right here, especially if you are a gamer. They has lots of reviews of the latest, greatest apps, although most of them seem to be “game centric”.

Gizmodo: Yes, even the super tech blog Gizmodo had a list of favorite iPad apps.  You can find them right here.

The iPad Show And, don't forget to catch the IPad Show right here or download it from iTunes every week. This show makes me giggle when I watch it because the guys running the show are super geeky and funny. They do dig out some good iPad "gems though, albeit, a few of them "jail break" apps.

The app that got my attention on their latest show was Display Out. This app sends a mirror image of your iPad display to what ever monitor or projector you chose. This is what the Apple iPad should do anyway, but it doesn’t.

That said, these guys do research their stuff and have a decent knowledge of what they are talking about. Tune in-it's fun.

Don’t forget….my latest edition of my Success Collection DVD set is also available for your iPhone and iPad. Just give the studio a call for further information at 800.292.2994 or 859.341.5900.


Hey everybody, that's it for me today. We are heading down to 34th and Lexington and helping with a move.

Everybody have a great weekend and I’ll see you from home next week! -David

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