Thursday, May 13, 2010

Business Day Thursday: Kick Starting Your Brand New Attitude!

Good Morning Everyone,

Hooray LR WOW! Thanks to everyone who has made the launch of my new 2010 Digital WakeUp Call Success Collection [link] so successful!  I still can't believe all the valuable items included in this collection, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors. I firmly believe that no educational opportunity this comprehensive and value packed has ever been offered to photographers before. If you give it a try, I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

Thanks again everybody!

I've a different kind of Business Day Thursday post for you today.  I hope you enjoy it.  Here we go...

Kick Starting Your Brand New Attitude!

You know, I've been in the photography business a fair number of years and have loved every minute of it.  Like many photographers, my beginnings were very humble beginnings. I'd like to share some of those experiences with you today. Like many folks wanting to start their businesses today, I was nervous, scared, hopeful, and for the most part didn't know how I was going to grow my business.

My Early Years

I was working as an engineer at the time and lots of my college buddies were starting to get married.  They knew that I was a part time photographer shooting weddings and sports events for a prominent studio in Dayton, Ohio and thought I would do an adequate job for them. I graduated with a B.A. in Physics, and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and thought that's what I wanted to do "when I grew up", but deep in my heart, I loved photography - particularly wedding photography.  I hung out my "shingle" in October, 1978.

Cheap LR By 1979, I was working to get any and every photography job I could.  I kept my prices low and was the CHEAPEST photographer in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.  You know, being cheap is good for building your business, I thought. Uhmmmm.... sound familiar?  My prices started at $119 and went all the way up $259.  For $259, I would even "double-light" the images just like Monte Zucker taught me at his class I attended that same year.

I continued to struggle in those early years,  making the same mistakes so many other photogs were making in starting their own businesses.  I knew the "turn over" rate was really high in wedding photography.  Heck, you could just check the Yellow Pages back in those days and see all the new ads for wedding photographers and also see so many missing from the previous year. Amazing, not unlike today's wedding photographer climate.

The Turn Around Begins

UP LR The reason I'm writing today's post is to let you know what turned things around for me. The idea came to me yesterday when I got an email from Ace #1 Assistant, Nickolas Viltrakis.  He asked me to take 10 minutes out of my busy day and watch this YouTube video he had discovered. 

Hit the “Read More…” link below for the rest of the story.

Now before I give you the link, I want you to understand that this video was made back in the 1950's so there may be a little culture shock when you view it, depending on your generational niche - X, Y, Z-gen, new millennial, etc.  If you can get around that, I really think you'll enjoy the video.  In fact, it may even change your life - seriously.  This recording was one of the first that started to point me into the direction of success I was striving for back so many years ago.

Nightingale Nicholas had sent me a link to Earl Nightingale's "The Strangest Secret In The World". The fact of the matter is that I had listened to that same audio tape almost 30 years ago! And now here it was again!  I did give it a good listen and it was refreshing to hear those wonderful words of wisdom again. Here is the link to the video Nicholas suggested I view right here.

Mr. Nightingale's message is exactly what we need to hear today, if indeed, we want to experience any kind of success. But don't let it end there. Hearing that recording sent me off on a YouTube quest searching for other recordings that have influenced my life and my success over all these years. I was lucky to find several.

I was a big fan of Earl Nightingale, listened to many of his inspirational recordings, and eventually got hooked up with the Nightingale-Conant Company, the leader in personal development, sales training, wealth building, and so much more. I still have several of their tape series that I purchased over the years. You can find all their info right here. And now everything is offered very conveniently in CD or MP3 format.

The Major Messages That Influenced In My Life

But today, I want to give a peak at some of the recording/messages that changed my life in those early years.  My business would not be here today without the messages I took to heart in those early 1980's.  I hope you'll let me share them with you and give them a good listen.

These first two videos are like pre- “Leave It To Beaver Days” and may grate a bit on your sensibilities. At least they did for me, but hang in there and listen to the important message.

Earl Nightingale -

The Strangest Secret In The World - [link]

Napoleon Hill -

Think And Grow Rich YouTube series [link]

Dr. Wayne Dyer -

Probably the most formative series for me, the message that really was life changing was the first series by Dr. Wayne Dyer entitled, How To Be A No Limit Person."  I’m certainly not saying that I've reached that pinnacle that Dr. Dyer was aspiring me to, but it certainly got me off to my best start.

Many more of Dr. Dyer’s resources can be found right here.

Dyer How To Be A No Limit Person

Wayne Dyer - Part 1 - [link]

Wayne Dyer - Part 2 - [link]

Wayne Dyer - Part 3 - [link]

Wayne Dyer - Part 4 - [link]

Wayne Dyer - Part 5 - [link]

Wayne Dyer - Part 6 - [link]

The message is the following video is really important too. If you get your head around the concept, lots of doors open up for you.

There Are No Excuses - [link]

Zig Ziglar -

Zig Ziglar, one of my all time favorite speakers has several series out on attitude, selling, and just living a healthful, meaningful life.  I love his "down home" southern Texas draw and Baptist preacher delivery.  He is both fun, funny, and has a great way to state the obvious, even if it's not always obvious to us.  I've seen him many times in person and it was always a good "kick in the britches" to get me moving in the direction I wanted to go. Gives these videos a listen.  I promise you many more than one smile will cross your face.

You can find lots more info on Zig's programs right here.

Attitude Makes All The Difference - [link]

ZigPrime The Pump - [link]

Setting Goals Part 1 - [link]

Setting Goals Part 2 - [link]

Setting Goals Part 3 - [link]

Strategies For Success - [link]

Inspirational Quotes - [link]

Tony Robbins

Robbins Tony Robbins has been another favorite of mine over the years.  He just tells you how it is but leaves the choice up to you.  You are free to chose you own success path - which ever direction that may be.  Give a listen to his TED speech.  You'll get an idea what I mean.  You can also see much more information on Tony's programs right here.

Tony Robbins On TED - [link]

Randy Pausch

Pausch2 Lastly, I'd like to share with you my latest inspirational coach.  His name is Randy Pausch, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  With only months to live, be began spreading the word as to what was really important in life.

His "Last Lecture" went viral and that is a very good thing.  In this busy world in which we all live, Mr. Pausch's message needs to be heard loud and clear.  I'm pointing you to the short version and the long version of his "Last Lecture."

Oprah “Last Lecture” - [link]

Carnegie Mellon - "Last Lecture" - [link] 1 hour 

Drawing A Few Conclusions

Folks, too many people NEVER get around to taking the time to do the things they need to do to achieve their success goals in their life.  We are always too busy, out of time, don't have the money, etc., etc,. etc......

Only 5% percent of the population achieves what they want to achieve in their lives.  Too many others think they are owed success.  Too many others get caught up in the "hamster wheel of life" and just can't find the time to get off.  But that's what success in life is all about - it's about taking charge of your success.  It's about taking that first step in success's direction. 

I love what Zig Ziglar said in one of his videos.  He said to the person who was procrastinating - "I know one thing with absolute certainty.  I can't help you with the second step, till you take the first step." Folks, it's true - each of us has to take our first step to get to the rest of the steps for our "success journey" in whatever context success means for you.

If you’ve made it this far through today’s post and viewed the videos, then you’ve gotten a taste as to what motivates me and how these wise teachers/speaker/instructors changed my life in those early beginnings. 

I truly hope you too get a glimpse at your life’s possibilities by taking the advice from these video lessons. And, I hope these videos help you to take that first step if you haven't done so already.  If you have taken that first step, then these videos will help keep you on your certain path to your success.


That's it for me today, everybody.  These videos will take you a while to get through.  Don't try to do it all in one sitting. Spread it out and enjoy the inspiration over these next few days.

I hope you really enjoy the journey - I sure did.

Sincerely,  David


  1. Thank you so much for this! Really needed it today and I already have read a lot of Dr Dyers works thanks for the video links. I have been studying the power of the mind for the last year and am finding it all to be very true!

  2. David, I knew I liked you for a reason. With the exception of Wayne Dyer, I have almost all those programs myself. I have even "strolled the coals" with Tony Robbins when he was here in Chicago way back in 1994. I dug out my old cassette tape version of Lead the Field by Earl Nightengale and listened to it on the way to a photography program last night. Great post and wonderful information for those who will give a listen and take action.

    "let him who has ears, hear" paraphrase of Mat. 11:15

  3. David, I've not seen most of these so I'm trundling through them. Wow, lots of stuff on there: it will take me a while. I've listened to or read some of these before. I'll swap you: you may not have come by a UK based guy called Michael Heppell who has written several brilliant books (my two favourites are FlipIt and How To Be Brilliant. I've watched him present and he is truly motivating. Hope you enjoy!

  4. Thanks David,

    Great post. Being self-employed can be very isolating. These resources are great for giving you the boost and motivation you need to get you through the tough times. Wise words.

    Looking forward to receiving your Wake Up Call Collection, which I ordered. It will be another, equally great resource for me.

    Many thanks,


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