Monday, May 10, 2010

Quick Hit Monday: Magic B&W; Special Deals: Great Surfs; and A Giggle For The Day

Good Morning Everybody,
I hope everybody enjoyed the weekend. We are off and running around here again today - final tweaks on a few projects, and - I'm off to a meeting in Lexington, KY in just a few minutes.  We've got our KPPA (KY Prof Photog Assoc) Summer School coming up and are putting the finishing touches on the program.  I’ll tell you, it looks like a great two days with some exciting, informative programs – check it out right here.

KPPA Summer SchoolAs soon as things are firmed up, I'll give you an update. I hope everyone nearby will try to stop on by, learn a new tip or two and be inspired by the terrific line-up of presentations. 
Since I'm on the road early this morning, let's get right to Quick Hit Monday.  Here we go.

Making Black & White Images That Surpass Silver Gelatin Images
Versace2 Hey gang, I just got a note from Vincent Versace telling me about his NIK Software sponsored one hour free webinar this Thursday at 10:00 a.m. PST.  That's a 1:00 p.m. afternoon pick-me-up for us East Coasters. 

Vincent is a legendary digital fine art photographer having been honored as a Computerworld Smithsonian Award Laureate.  Shutterbug Magazine also named his book on B&W photography, "Welcome To Oz", the best of the year [link].  Looks  like a fantastic webcast with lots of great deals on NIK goodies too.  You can register right here. Just go do it, Vinnie's an outstanding photographer ….and a really nice guy:~)

25% Off SpiderPro - Almost Forgot This
Spider Two weeks ago, I did a post [link] on the new SpiderPro Camera Holster - remember the gunfight video - "How To Shoot A Wedding Cowboy Style"?[link] Well, during the day I was on the phone with the company to see if they would offer our DPT readers a special discount on the Spider. 

Well, GREAT NEWS - anyone visiting the SpiderPro website can get a FULL 25% off any product offered. Use  CODE: Ziser25 to obtain your discount. What a deal!  I have to tell you, I love the SpiderPro because it doesn't have a bunch of straps I have to wear. If you plan on shooting really heavy glass, check out the belt too. Thanks to the Spider guys for the great offer!

A Few Websites I Stumbled On Over The Weekend
NewPhotoDigest I found this website completely by accident over the weekend.  A quick tour of the links showed me it was pretty rich with good content. The name - NewPhotoDigest [link]. I linked the documentary video on Edward Weston - really different, and worth the visit. 

Hey gang, while you are visiting websites, check out this list compiled by DPT reader Noel Hannan [link].  He listed some sites you've heard about but a few you haven't.  So check it out and enjoy the surf.  Thanks Noel for the list - and including DPT in the listing.

And Finally, Your Giggle For The Day
Joe and Father Bob I had one of our attendees point me to this hilarious video [link] of Joe McNally confessing his digital sins to Father Bob.  If you haven't seen it, it is a hoot.  Joe McNally, who wrote the huge best selling book on photograph, "The Moment It Clicks" and fellow National Geographic photographer, Bob Krist, perform this skit flawlessly. You will have tears running down your cheeks by the end of it.  A great way to begin the week ;~)
Hey gang, I've run a little short of time this morning.  I've got a few more Quick Hits coming your way again tomorrow. I've got to head out for my meeting right about now.  Plan to stop by tomorrow for the quick hits and my Technique Tuesday episode entitled, "The Making Of Cabo Smiles" - a photography and Lightroom 3 tutorial.  I posted this photograph as a photo of the day last week [link] and many have asked for an in depth "exposure to finished image" discussion of the print. 

You've got it - see you then.


  1. David,

    a huge thanks for mentioning my blog post, honoured!

    And keep up these amazing posts of yours!

    All the best,

  2. Awesome product, I've just ordered one. $5 in your pocket David :0)

  3. Thanks for the info on the SpiderPro if you and Karl Grobl both recommend it then I would be folish to not at least give it a try. I am intrigued by the design and being able to get away from camera straps is a major bonus in my book. Thanks for all that you do for us each and every day I have learned so much.

  4. Thank you David. I always wanted to try the spider holster when I saw it at a show but could not justify the price. With 25 percent off I pulled the trigger. I received it today and tried it out. It is pretty cool and and feels good on the hip instead of straining your neck and shoulders. Thanks again.