Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Announcing My 2010 Digital WakeUp Call Success Collection

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Good Morning Everybody,

Today I’m announcing my Digital WakeUp Call Success Collection and I’m thrilled!  Why? Because nobody has ever offered so much "honest to goodness value" in one package!

I have been working with my video team, designers, and a special group of vendors for the last four months to bring this whole project together. 

The result is about the most jam-packed collection of training resources, exciting design and workflow software, and success tools ever assembled in one package!

Just Check out everything that's included! It's amazing!


Yes, all this for only $89.95 – a $600 value!

Hey, I don’t hardly believe it either! Hold on to your seats and Just look at what I’ve included thanks to the generosity of all involved.

1. First off, we've taken my "rapid fire" 4 1/2 hour Digital WakeUp Call presentation, edited it together into a very jazzy, fast paced presentation that captures all the fun we experienced in the 60 cities we visited. Then we added nearly 5 more hours of content to the video collection. I’ll tell you, it ROCKS! All the information and the fun that we had during the tour is captured vividly in this 5 DVD (9 hour) collection.

discs 3The additional 5 hours of content includes lots of Lighting, Lightroom,  Photoshop, Marketing, and Camera technique! Now the Digital WakeUp Call presentation in over a full day seminar on off-camera and on-camera flash techniques, camera tips, digital project design solutions, and success strategies for your growing photography business.

*All videos are available in both iPhone/iTouch, and iPad formats, too.  Details right here.

Bonus DVD - IMG_0243 2. We are also including my 4 hour Bonus DVD which includes tutorials on Lightroom, Camera Raw, Photoshop, and more from the NAPP Team - Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, and Corey Barker.  The DVD also incorporates solid marketing lessons that can add substantially to your bottom line. 

I’ve also included several tutorials on lighting, photography, Lightroom, and Photoshop. You’ll find iformation on calibrating your monitor, fine tuning your images with NIK products, and more.

WPPI for ad 3.  We’ve also included a 1 year membership to WPPI – and that includes a 12 month subscription to Rangefinder Magazine, too!  WPPI hosts the largest wedding and portrait convention in the USA – a really exciting event!  Check out all the WPPI member benefits right here.

GA for ad 4. We are also including Graphic Authority’s Our Studio Collection Volume #3 – a $99.95 value.  They want to give you an opportunity to try out the hugely successful line of design products and want you to see how easy they are to incorporate into your wedding/portrait/high school senior projects.  You can get information on all their exciting products right here.

Marathon for Ad 5. Marathon Press, the photographer’s marketing partner, is including a $50 Gift Card towards selected marketing products designed exclusively for photographers.  Check out everything they have to offer right here.

Kelby Training for Ad 6.  1 MONTH FREE Kelby Training! The best place to go for on-line training about photography, lighting, Lightroom, Photoshop, and so much more. This one month of training is priced at $24.95 but with the DWUC Success Collection you can start you free training right away! Here is the Kelby Training link for all their classes.

ACI for Ad 7.  My good friends at American Color Imaging Labs, ACI, one of the best digital photography labs in the business, are giving you a FREE $50 Gift Card that you can use immediately on your next order. That’s like having $50 cash in your back pocket for your next lab order! Check out all their services right here.

Animoto for Ad 8.  Animoto is including a certificate offering ONE FREE MONTH of Animoto for Photography - $33.00 value. The Animoto for Photography side of Animoto is truly the photographer’s friend with so much more to offer you in building your studio’s success.  Animoto for Photography gives you a much wider range of music to select from (you can also use your Triple Scoop selections) for your projects. There is NO charge for downloads of hi-res DVD’s – a great product  to offer your clients. You can use Animoto for Photography to create slideshows that include video for your website, blog, and Facebook page – Way Cool!  Check out Animoto for Photography right here.

Ziser for Ad 9. We are also including a $25 and $50 Gift Certificates for our Digital Resource Center. That means you will save about 20% on your next order.  The Digital Resource Center is the best collection of my digital photography and lighting training tools and production efficient design software available to photographers today. Here is the Digital Resource Center link.

MorePhotos for Ad 10. More Photos, my personal choice for image hosting for my clients’ events, is offering special pricing on their monthly hosting services and even tossing in FREE set up with their enclosed offer.  All that amounts to a $200 savings for you to get started. Check them out right here.

Triple Scoop for Ad 11. My good buddies at Triple Scoop Music are offering special pricing that can save you over $200 on you next music purchase!  My gosh, they have nearly 7,000 musical selections to choose from. You can’t go wrong! Take a listen right here.

Nik for Ad 12. NIK Software has included a certificate giving you a full 15% discount on any of their products.  That can save you up to $90. I love their products as do so many other working pros. NIK products just make things so much easier to do in Lightroom and Photoshop! Here is the link to all their great products.

And like Ron Popeil use to say, “Wait, there’s more!” Yes, there is still more.  We still have a number of my 38 page Digital WakeUp Call Tour Handbooks on hand which we will include with every purchase until they run out.

Order Now LRYou can order everything here for only $89.95 – no kidding, only $89.95!

Hey everybody, thanks for taking the time to check out my new 2010 Success Collection. To be honest with you folks, it’s these kinds of offers and your support that keep one of the best free and content rich photography blogs available!

Thanks for giving the DWUC Success Collection a peek today.

I’ll see everyone tomorrow for another Business day Thursday.



  1. Unbelievable offer! Wow; thank you for the tremendous value. Do you sell carpet, too :) Brian F.

  2. Woo hoo! - I received my long-awaited pre-order package yesterday. I attended this event in Raleigh, NC, but this will be a great review and chance to pick up more info that I may have missed during the live session.



  3. what happened to the 2009 digital wake up call pre sale? I should have waited for this one.

  4. Hi David! I was totally immersed in our digital masters workshop! you are an amazing and inspirational instructor! My photography is up another level, thanks to you. ;-) Gene D. (love winning that graphic auth software) even though i was late coming in....hahahaha