Thursday, May 27, 2010

Business Day Thursday: The Power Of Testimonials – My 5 Point Plan

Good Morning Everybody,

We had a great visit yesterday at Animoto World Headquarters. Here I am with the entire crew and with by buddy, Erik holding my Animoto ad photograph. Who’s that on the far right – Oh that my daughter, Elizabeth who will be doing an internship with Animoto this summer. Way cool for her.  A dad couldn't be more proud ;~)

Animoto gang

Jason, holding Bruce Lee, the little shitzu dog, Erik, LaDawn, Elizabeth and I had a relaxing lunch.  It was fun to hear the Animoto story.

Men In Black MAchine I have to tell you they are working on some way cool new slide show themes. I could tell you what we saw but then I' d have to hit you the the Men In Black "blink-blink" machine and erase the last 10 years of your memories.

Best I just tell you that they have some really exciting designs and graphics on the front burner that you will hear about real soon. We could feel the creative energy from the entire team as we visited with them. It was a real kick to be there yesterday!

Let' s get right on with today's post. LaDawn has special plans for me today so we are hitting the road early to try to crash the Today Show - you know, be one of the waving fans in the background as they broadcast the show. See if you can spot us ;~)

Update: We did make it on the Today Show, but only in the background behind Al Roker, the weatherman. hey, maybe we'll have better luck next time. Look for LaDawn on Friday’s broadcast as she was  beside a young women chosen for a surprise makeover.

OK, on with today's post.

The Power Of Testimonials – My 5 Point Plan

Surely you have gotten a note from a past client telling you how much they loved your work. If you are doing your job right, you should have received several.

So what do you do with them? Just say, "Oh, that was nice." and then just forget about it?

I hope not!

Testimonials can be some of the most effective advertising you can obtain for your studio - free or otherwise. You need to use them to your best advantage in letting future clients know just how good you are.

Here is my 5 step plan to make testimonials work for you.

Hit the “Read More…” link below for the rest of the story.

The Power Of Testimonials – My 5 Point Plan, continued….

1. Gather all your testimonials and start an album of testimonial letters that sits in a conspicuous place when you are meeting your clients. Heck, if you are meeting them at a Starbucks, take your "testimonial album” along with examples of your work.

2. Summarize those testimonial notes into one document that you make part of your promotional materials. Next time you send info, price lists, brochures, etc. out to a prospective bride, be sure to include your "testimonial short sheet".

3. Ask vendors that you work with to write a testimonial or two. Tell them you would be happy to do the same for them. This is part of my "cross pollination" plan that continues to build on the ongoing relationships I want to maintain with my vendor buddies. These vendor testimonials need to be on your "testimonial short sheet" mentioned above.

4. Be sure your testimonials are prominently displayed on your website, blog, and Face book fan page. Don't stop there. Every time you receive a testimonial, be sure to "tweet" it. It's always about getting the word out to your future clients however and whenever you can.

5 Don't have even one testimonial yet? Then ask your mother to write one. She loves you, right;~) Hey, all kidding aside, it's OK to ask for testimonials, too. The next time you deliver work to a client and they tell you how much they like, simply ask them if they could send you a quick email expressing the same sentiment.

Also go back through your archives and contact past clients that you remember really exceptional client experiences. Tell them you are updating your promo materials and would like to feature them on your blog, brochure, etc. - could they drop you a note about how well they liked the experience as your client. For their trouble, you'll send them a little gift. That gift could be anything from a 4x6 print to a set of business cards featuring one of their images.

I think you get the idea how this works. The entire plan is simple, easy, inexpensive and effective marketing for your studio. You've simply got to do it.

What makes testimonials so valuable to you? People want to feel comfortable with the people they may be doing business with. Reading what a great photographer you are and how nice it is to do business with you is a perfect invitation for them to do business with you too.

Let me point you to another article I found over at Marathon Press right here that will give you some more great ideas about how to use testimonials in growing your business.


Hey gang, that's it for me today. We have been walking and cabbing this city from one end to the other and are planning to take it easy today.

Everybody have a great day, and I will plan to see you same time, same station, tomorrow.

Adios, David

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