Friday, May 14, 2010

"Ocean's Surprise"

Ocean's Surprise-IMG_8921

"Ocean's Surprise"
©David A. Ziser

Another shot from the beaches of Cabo.  Lindsay and Bob wanted a few "romantic" shots on the beach so I set-up this shot.  It's sort of reminiscent of the scene in the movie "From Here To Eternity".  I was working with just the existing light which works great for these types of images. I wanted something really soft, tender, and loving.  I started tweaking the image in Lightroom 3, made the change to B&W and loved the shot even more.  Still I wanted to lighten the mid-tone grays, a very easy job for Lightroom 3.  As I perused the Lightroom control panel in the Develop module, I saw that the grain sliders were available. These new sliders are fun to play with - don't overlook them for some creative possibilities. I gave them a tweak or two and arrived at my final result. Camera specs: Canon 7D fitted with 18-200mm IS lens at 32mm, F 6.3 @ 1/125 second, ISO 640. Enjoy!  -David

p.s. That wave in the photograph is “incoming”. Yes, they got washed out by the water, but all in good fun.  We still got some great shots. - David

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  1. You should have titled this image " crab leg's" :)) Just kidding. I like the pose but the imgage is washed out.