Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Technique Tuesday: Top 10 Technique Tuesdays For 2009

Good Morning Everybody,

Sunset - Jan 10 Well, we landed in Atlanta last evening after a magnificent drive through the mountains watching one of the most beautiful sunsets ever.  I think the colors lasted for over an hour.  Those kinds of evenings sure make our road trips worth it.

We stayed with my good buddy, Denis Reggie.  Denis is one of the best and most successful wedding photographers I know and we've known each other over 23 years. Mr. Reggie is the person who coined the term "wedding photojournalism" many years ago and has been a major influence in our profession for the past several years.

Plan to catch Denis' programs at all the major conventions this year. He always fires up the crowds and definitely gets you thinking about how to shoot your images and run your business. In fact he will be at Imaging USA next week.  If you want to delve deeper you might want to invest in a few days with Denis at his in studio programs. You can get more info on Denis' upcoming in studio programs right here.

Hope you enjoy the re-read of yesterday's Top 10 most popular posts.  For me it was fun to look back over the posts too. But now on to the really good stuff.  My Technique Tuesday episodes have been favorite posts for quite a while.

Today, I thought I would re-visit the most popular episodes with you.  Just hit the titles below and enjoy all 10 shows.  I think you'll enjoy them again.

Top Ten TTues PostsRank   Views      Title

#1       89,335     Technique Tuesday: Recession Flash - Poor Man's Lighting Set Up

#2       82,461     Gear Bag Friday - Double Blast Video Week - The Video Tour Of My Gear Bag

#3       69,485     Technique Tuesday: Love Lines – Another “Live” Wedding Shoot!

#4       48,843     Technique Tuesday: “I’ve Seen The Light”

#5       48,207     Technique Tuesday: How Slow Can You Go - Shooting Slow Shutter Speed - Handheld

#6       45,825     Technique Tuesday: Lightroom Lighting

#7       41,066     Lightroom 2 In Reverse Part 2 - Rapid Fire Retouching

#8       40,614     Technique Tuesday: Using My Mini-Z-Ray For Great Portraits

#9       40,426     Technique Tuesday: Lightroom 2 In Reverse - Part 1

#10      37,969    Technique Tuesday: Learning To See The Leading Lines

Hey gang, that's it for me today,  we are heading down to Florida and will be spending the next few days in the land of chilly "sun and fun."  See ya' tomorrow for another episode of my Photo FAVS Wednesday.  Adios,  David

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