Thursday, January 14, 2010

Business Day Thursday: Announce New Products And Spread The Word

Good Afternoon Everybody,

Sarah Presenting Hope everybody got a chance to view yesterday’s video.  Heck, it took me most of the day to get it together, hence yesterday’s and today’s late post. But it was still fun putting it together and I hoped you enjoyed it. 

I visited with Kent and Sarah late yesterday evening and they have agreed to present their entire program “LIVE” - all 90 minutes of it - right here on DigitalProTalk.  Folks, that's like a BIG WOW!!! We are working on scheduling it right now.  It looking like early March might fit our schedules - I will definitely keep you posted.

DAZ Wedding Book More good news - I spoke with Peachpit two days ago about the latest on my wedding book, "Captured by the Light: The Essential Guide to Creating Extraordinary Wedding Photography."  Here's the latest folks.  They tell me it should be on the bookshelves - Barnes and Noble and Amazon by the second week in February - YAAAAH!!!

You can also pre-order a personally signed copy of the book at the Digital Resource Center right here.

OK, time to get on with today's post.

Announce New Products And Spread The World

Two weeks ago I asked you to think about developing new products for your 2010 season.  So, how many of you have done just that? Hey, I know most of you haven't so get that "fire burning under your behind" and get to it.

The point is this.  It's more that just creating new products for your studio. It's about creating studio "BUZZ" and new product announcements do just that.  The whole process makes people notice you AGAIN.

Spred The Word - iStock_000002056823XSmallToo many small business owners just sit and wait for the phone to ring.  You've certainly heard me say that previously many, many times.  We've just got to become more pro-active in promoting our businesses in the this economy.

And, here is the deal - it's not brain surgery - just do it. It's easy and cheap and works for any size business you run. 

Here is my 5 Step Plan for getting noticed in 2010.

1. Develop 5 new, snazzy, head-turning products for your studio - metal (real metal) prints [link] - we saw lots at IMAGING USA, canvas wraps, presentations on Kodak's Metallic paper - here's 3 - you get the idea.  

2. Collect all the email addresses of all your vendor buddies in your town and surrounding areas. Wait, not just your buddies - make it all the vendors in your surrounding areas.  Now collect the e-mails of all your past, current, and upcoming clients.  Add to your growing list all the names of all the attendees of any bridal shows in which you have been involved.

3. Sign up with Constant Contact, Marathon Press, or any of the several email houses available so you can get the word out. Then upload your list.  BTW, I like Marathon Press for smaller lists and Constant Contact if your list numbers in the thousands. And, Constant Contact is currently offering a 60 day free trial.

4. Create a newsletter - it's really easy to do.  All the services have templates in which you just type in your text.  No big deal.  You should be able to get one together in just a few hours.

5. Send It!  Why 5 products?  So you can send 5 newsletters for 5 times the advertising effect.  Remember, part of the "BUZZ" is created by how creative you are with your product design and presentation. But, the rest of the "BUZZ" is the result of the message you send to all those on your list.  The message is the fact that your are a business on the move, always innovating, always excited about your products, and thrilled to share the news with your clients.

I promise you, you will "turn some heads" and get people talking.  And, since now 5 months later, you are in the habit of doing your newsletter, the next 7 months should be a "piece of cake."


Hey gang, that's it for me today. Keep movin', keep rockin', and keep smilin'. 

See ya' tomorrow,  -David


  1. David can you talk about HDR photography more?


  2. Congratulations on your new book! I'm going to put it in my "want" list! May be a Valentine's Gift to myself! *LOL*

    I really truly enjoy your blog! I have been traveling (went to Canada for Christmas) and been without internet for several weeks so, I have a lot of catching up to do!

    Thank you for all the amazing work you do and being a great teacher! God Bless You!!


  3. Sounds like the book is another must have tool for me.

    Really enjoyed the presentation video snippet and look forward to their full 90min as they have tons of tips there.

    Really enjoy your blog and I must say your tutorials saved me in a recent wedding shoot!

  4. OK, OK! Jeez, it's like having a pitbull chasing you.

    A pitbull knowing all the tricks of the trade and being business savy like no other, that is.

    David, you are going to be either my saviour or the death of me - but at some point, I'm going to kick my daytime job and either soar or crash, and you'll have no small part in it...

    Either way, you're an inspiration. Thanks. :)


  5. I really don't like the idea of making an e-mail newsletter, cause it sounds like spam.
    I would hate someone who picked up my e-mail for sending news! (Without my authorization, it's different when you ask people to subscribe)
    Be careful on it...