Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Technique Tuesday: Stop The Presses, Check Out These Portfolios!

Good Morning Everybody,

Today is our third day at Imaging USA - and we still haven't made it all the way through the trade show floor.  Hopefully we can finish the job today.

I was hoping to have more to report for you today but yesterday had me in meetings for most of the day and I didn't get a chance to take in as much of the trade-show as I’d hoped. I plan to remedy that today. Anyway, I think you will like what I've got in store for today's post.

ASPAnother reason for missing a good part of the trade show time was the fact that I was attending the ASP Fellowship Luncheon. Those holding the degree of "Fellow" - there are only 104 living members - are invited to the luncheon.  I received the honor from the Professional Photographers Association in 1988.

One becomes a "Fellow" by going through a rigorous application process with includes a submission, a portfolio, of the applicant's top 25 images produced during their career.  We had 44 attend the luncheon yesterday and it was good to catch up with many old friends.

This year we welcomed three new "Fellows" to our group. They were Barry Rankin, Michael Timmons, and Joe Campanellie.  Each had stunning images in their portfolio submissions.

I was thrilled to see my buddy, Barry Rankin, receive his "Fellowship Degree".  Barry and I have known each other for many years.  Not only is Barry a great portrait and high school senior photographer, his passion is sports photography. Just ask him about his Michigan football game experiences - he can tell you hours of stories.

Barry RAnkin

Barry has also photographed a number of celebrities over the years too from President Clinton to Bill Cosby - more stories there too.  You can check out more of Barry's work right here.

Michael Timmons, another Michigan photographer [link] was also inducted into the hallowed halls of ASP Fellowship.  I met Michael for the first time at our state's summer meeting last year.  Five of us were to go out and shoot for 2 hours, edit our best images, and present them to the meeting attendees later in the evening.  Timmons

Michael's images "blew" everybody else's images away.  His creative use of line, shape, color, composition, and a Photoshop tweak or two resulted in a great series of images. Michael's portfolio submission was astounding.  You can see more of Michael's work right here.  Be sure to hit the "Scenic" button on his website. - Enjoy!

The third photographer to receive his "Fellowship" degree was of Joe Campanellie.  Joe hails from Maryland and operates one of the top portrait studios in the area [link]. 


His portfolio submissions featured his wildlife photography - it is truly unbelievable, beautiful imagery. Here is the link right here - definitely worth the visit.

Want to see lots more great photography?  Be sure to check out the ASP website right here. After navigating to the sight, take some time to view several of the on line galleries right here.  It is truly a trip down inspiration lane.


Hey gang, that's it for me today, I'll plan to get the Technique Tuesday that I had planned for today up tomorrow.  You won't want to miss it.  It's entitled, "Shoot More Than Eyeliner and Shoes On The Wedding Day".  I think you'll enjoy it.

So until tomorrow,

Areverderchi everybody,  -David

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