Thursday, January 07, 2010

Business Day Thursday: My Top 10 Favorite Business Building Tips

Good Morning Everybody,

Top 10 BDThurs How about one more Top Ten list today.  Everyone makes their New Year's resolutions and we all have the best intentions of keeping them.  The same thing should be true about our businesses.

On New Year's Day I posted 10 initiatives to get you started on the new year. Thanks to all for the very nice comments that you posted.  By the way, here is the link again to the New Year's Day "Make It A Perfect 10" right here. Over the New Year's weekend break, I took some time to go back and review all my Business Day Thursday posts.  I grabbed the ones that I thought were most pertinent to "business building."

Hit the "Read More..." link below to see my Top 10 Business Building Tips.

I ended up with lots more than ten so I then began the process of refining my selection.  The process was not easy. But, after re-reading and reviewing my list, I settled on these 10 posts.

Remember, these posts are not based on any number of page views, comments, or anything objective.  They are instead my distillation of the 10 most salient Business Day Thursday posts that I believe could be the most beneficial to any photographer - "aspiring professional" all the way to "seasoned pro."

Bonus - iStock_000005903819XSmall Three of my selections are from posts where I announced a contest.  I wanted to get input from our other DigitalProTalk readers too.  The challenge resulted in some great bonus ideas from my readers.  I've noted those posts below so be sure to read the "Comments" sections of those posts too.

My Top 10 Business Building Tips From 2009

#1 - Don’t Stumble, Fumble, or Fall Before Crossing the Finish Line During Your Sales Presentation

#2 - 20 Ways To Appreciate Your Customer

#3 - Booking Weddings, How About Booking 5 Bonuses To Seal The Deal?

       Contest Post- Read "Comments" for even more ideas.

#4 - 12 Ways To Keep Your Clients Coming Back For More

       Contest Post - Read "Comments" for even more ideas.

#5 - Appointment Nirvana

#6 - The Bunny Rabbit Approach To Marketing

#7 - Are You Too Busy For Success?

#8 - Nudge It Up A Notch Selling and New Contest Announced

      Contest Post- Read "Comments" for even more ideas.

#9 - Stop Putting Gag Order On Your Sales! Part 1

#10 - Is Your Business Ready For Success?

There you have it gang.  I hope you enjoy the bonus re-read of these articles and can bring these suggestions to profitable fruition for your businesses this year.

On that note, everybody, I'm out of here.  See everybody again tomorrow assuming Daytona Beach makes it through it's Spring "thaw" ;~)

Adios, -David

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