Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday: You’ve Got To Show The Room

Good Morning Everybody,

After a lively, large, and fun night in Philly last night we head down the road to Baltimore today – uhmmm, I can smell the crab cakes from here. After Baltimore today and Washington DC tomorrow, we finally head back home for a week break. LaDawn and I are both looking forward to being back on our home turf.

We still love our travels and especially love the people we meet – that’s always a kick, but just like Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home.”

Anyway, instead of me waxing nostalgic, let’s get on with today’s post.

You’ve Got To Show The Room

1111-Kate and Ben HR-DZ-40D-IMG_4239 This post today is the fourth in a series I’ve been running about images I like to capture at a wedding, where I use no flash at all. Today I want to walk down that path again.

1108-Kate and Ben HR-DZ-40D-IMG_4233 I don’t care if you’re shooting small or large weddings, it’s always important to show the room decor.  I don’t care if the wedding reception is taking place in a small church basement, a local VFW, or in an extravagant hotel, it’s still important to shoot the details of the day.

1116-Kate and Ben HR-DZ-40D-IMG_4244 Even for smaller events, a lot of time and effort went into preparing for the day.  I remember being at a smaller wedding this past summer.  The bride’s family was just as concerned that everything looked beautiful for their guests.

Sure, a lot of the table setting were hand made by the family members, but everything came together and the bride’s parents could be proud of the planning and preparations. You know, whether a wedding is large or small, it’s still about showing the care that went into planning the event.

1142-Kate and Ben HR-DZ-40D-IMG_4291 Long after the wedding is over, all the clients have is the pictures. Photographs hopefully capturing the spirit of the day and the care that went into planning this special event.

That said, be sure you capture the details of the day as best you can on the wedding day.  Hey, the centerpiece may be as simple as some artificial flowers places in a vase, but somebody cared enough for their guests to make that centerpiece – take a picture of it. The same advice goes for the other details of the day too.  Don’t miss a thing.

1098-Kate and Ben HR-DZ-40D-IMG_4220 I like to show a double page spread or two, often three or four, of these detail shots. Many times theses image will become background images for the wedding candid images. There’s all kind of uses for them.  Anyway, don’t miss these shots – it’s part of the coverage, too.

OK gang, time to hit the road.  Hope to see many of you in Baltimore this evening.  Don’t forget to come on up and say “Hi.”  See ya’ tonight in Baltimore and tomorrow here at DigitalProTalk.  Adios, David

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  1. Thank you for all the info on the Brinkman light! Mine arrived today and I can't wait to use it!!